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Best Simulation Game of 2016

Best Simulation Game of 2016 - Article

by Craig Snow , posted on 07 January 2017 / 9,117 Views

The simulation genre is often overlooked at Game of the Year time, and yet it consistently delivers some of the year's most played and most loved titles. Last year Cities: Skylines came along and showed The Sims how it should be done. This year we received a fantastic spiritual successor to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series, a zany and hilarious 'job simulator', one man's ode to Harvest Moon, and a new entry in what is fast becoming a sales juggernaut on both PC and consoles - Farming Simulator.


The Shortlist:

Planet Coaster


Stardew Valley


Job Simulator


Farming Simulator 17

The Winner:

Stardew Valley

Planet Coaster may have done to the rollercoaster sub-genre this year what Cities: Skylines did to the city simulation sub-genre last year, but that wasn't enough for it to defeat one of this year's hit indie darlings and break-out Steam success stories - Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley made unlikely farmers out of even the most sim-sceptical of gamers and was a clear labour of love for its sole developer. This Harvest Moon-inspired creation is full of heart and soul, and has a very promising future ahead of it.

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malistix1985 (on 07 January 2017)

Suprised Planet Coaster didn't win, both games are great, but I always prefer a game that allows heavy community modding.

ANyway, its been a great year for simulation games. My personal favorite is "Mad Games TYcoon" i've played it for hundreds of hours lol

  • +6
Shikamo (on 07 January 2017)

deserve this :)

  • +1
busbfran (on 07 January 2017)

planet coaster should have won....

  • 0
Gourmet (on 07 January 2017)

Too much cuckoldry for me. Good game otherwise.

  • 0