Rumor: Nintendo Delays NX Production to Add VR Support, Lowers Shipment Target

Rumor: Nintendo Delays NX Production to Add VR Support, Lowers Shipment Target - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 June 2016 / 12,153 Views

Nintendo has postponed the mass production of its upcoming video game console, the NX, by half a year to early 2017, according to a report on Digitimes.

The reason for the delay was for Nintendo to improve the console's handheld integrated experience and to add virtual reality function.


The sources said the NX combines the experience of a console and a handheld and features a 5-7 inch display, controller and joystick to play as a mobile device. It is also able to connect to the TV.

The other important note is that Nintendo originally planned to order 20 million NX units in the first year, however, it has now been lowered to 9.5 million to 10 million units. The reduction was due to the shrinking video game console market and the poor Wii U sales.

The information should be treated as a rumor until an official announcement from Nintendo is made.

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cutzman25 (on 02 June 2016)

shrinking console market?????

CaptainExplosion (on 02 June 2016)

A myth perpetuated by some idiot, like Michael Pachter.

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Darwinianevolution (on 02 June 2016)

I don't see this one being true. Nintendo postponing the launch of their system to try and develop some sort of VR at the last minute seems like a big miscalculation. Also, I don't see why would Nintendo shrink their shipping amounts of the NX just because the WiiU is selling bad, when that has been the case for almost the entirety of the WiiU's lifespam.

trunkswd (on 02 June 2016)

Remember this is just a rumor. Nothing about this has been confirmed.

Ka-pi96 (on 02 June 2016)

I wonder what '5-7 inch display, controller and joystick' means. Does that suggest that the controller is independent of the 5-7 inch display? As in, not a new gamepad?

shikamaru317 (on 02 June 2016)

Kind of sounds like a 5-7 inch tablet with a separate controller, but that would be kind of unwieldy to play on the go. Maybe the tablet connects to the controller with one of the cell-phone clips?

  • +2
Ka-pi96 (on 02 June 2016)

I was thinking maybe the joystick has something to do with the tablet. If it is indeed separate from the controller.

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CaptainExplosion (on 02 June 2016)

It's a nice thought.

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shikamaru317 (on 02 June 2016)

Hopefully it's just a standard 5-7 inch gamepad-like handheld that you can hook up to your tv to play in console mode, maybe with one of Nintendo's patented Supplementary Computing Devices boosting the power in console mode.

  • +1
KLAMarine (on 02 June 2016)

I seriously hope this rumor is not true. VR in its current state doesn't appeal to me.

CosmicSex (on 02 June 2016)

Everyone is jumping on the VR bandwagon. It seems like reverse of last Gen where Wii started with motion controls then Microsoft and Sony. This time its Sony, now Microsoft and Nintendo.

trunkswd (on 02 June 2016)

Right now it is a rumor for MS and Nintendo adding VR support.

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Raven (on 02 June 2016)

I don't really buy this rumor. Nintendo didn't seem to pay VR much mind up until now, I don't think its going to be a focus for them until the technology becomes cheaper.

TallSilhouette (on 02 June 2016)

If true, hope it's capable and doesn't give new customers a bad first impression of VR.

CaptainExplosion (on 02 June 2016)

I have...mixed feelings about this. On one hand it would mean Nintendo is willing to give VR a second chance. On the other hand it shows a lack of confidence. An since when is the console market "shrinking"?

Ariakon (on 02 June 2016)

20 million in the first year? That pretty much makes the rumor dubious to me right there.

Nem (on 02 June 2016)

Because why not eh? It's a rumor though and we have those for the NX like we have cookies.