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Best Racer of 2013

Best Racer of 2013 - Article

by Craig Snow , posted on 02 January 2014 / 8,931 Views

This year saw the release of sequels for some of the biggest and most well-received racing franchises of the generation, from Sony and Microsoft's big hitters Gran Turismo and Forza, to multiplatform staples Need for Speed and GRID. It was a somewhat bittersweet return for many of these, however, with the rise of controversial micro-transactions marring the post-launch period for some of the above. Look beyond that controversy however and the games themselves consist of some of the best racing gameplay to have graced our screens in recent years. These are our Racer picks for 2013.




The Nominees Are:

Gran Turismo 6

Forza Motorsport 5


Need for Speed Rivals

And the Winner is...


With stalwart racing franchises Gran Turismo and Forza both faltering in their own different ways this year, the way was left open for GRID 2 to claim the top spot on the podium. The sequel to our highest-rated racing game of all-time didn't quite surpass its predecessor in terms of unbridled joy and innovation but it did build solidly upon existing foundations to deliver a fantastic racer. GRID 2 is our Best Racer of 2013.

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