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2013 Game of the Year Awards - The Winners

2013 Game of the Year Awards - The Winners - Article

by Joseph Trotter , posted on 17 January 2014 / 5,509 Views

2013 has been a shocking year for humanity, with natural disasters piled upon the horrific actions of fellow humans to create an unfortunately unforgettable annum. For those of us fortunate enough to not live in war-torn countries, to dwell high enough to avoid flooding, and not be the Uncle of Kim Jong-Un, opportunities of escape are thankfully open to us. Escapism from the brutality of the world offered by forms such as videogames has never been more needed, nor more welcome. You and I are lucky enough to be able to sit and ponder about the worth of videogames, things that in reality do not matter one jot.

But, alas, we care, and in many ways 2013 has been a good, if strange, year for gaming. The next generation is now the current generation, we have had some unbelievable games released and some hilariously bad games released (unless you actually purchased Aliens: Colonial Marines). We at gamrReview put our trans-atlantic heads together, did some thinking, did some voting, fiddled some math and - behold - we put together lists of games we feel best represent the stand-out achievements of gaming in 2013. Wittily titled 'Games of the Year,' the results are below. Agree, disagree, rage - comment as you wish. But know this -  nothing, I repeat nothing, you say can be as painful as the single-player mode of Aliens. If criminals were forced to play that rather than go to a prison, no-one would ever offend again.


Best Platformer

Super Mario 3D World


Best Adventure Game

The Stanley Parable


Best Fighter



Best Shooter




Best Strategy/Simulation Game

Fire Emblem: Awakening


Best Re-Make or HD Collection

Wind Waker


Best Action/Adventure Game



Best Racer

GRiD 2


Best Puzzle Game

Papers, Please


Best Narrative

The Last of Us


Best RPG

Pokemon X & Y


Best Art Direction

rayman Legends


Best Original Music Score

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


Best Game No-One Played



Most Disappointing Game

Beyond: Two Souls


Best Surprise

The Stanley Parable


Anticipated Game

Super Smash Bros.


Best PlayStation Vita Game



Best 3DS Game

Pokemon X & Y


Best PlayStation 3 Game



Best Xbox 360 Game



Best Wii-U Game

Super Mario 3D World


Best PC Game

Rayman Legends


Best Playstation 4 Game

Assassins' Creed IV: Black Flag


Best Xbox One Game

Dead Rising 3


  Overall Game of the Year

Super Mario 3D World



Made it to the end? Good. Click on the hyper-links to see the nomination pages? Thought you might have noticed that. It's been a fine year for gaming, with some stone cold classics out on most of the platforms. As for next year, hopefully the next-gen consoles will come into their own and become the must-have items they should be. Until then, here is a picture of a really happy rabbit:


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