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Patent Reveals Next Xbox Could Turn Rooms into 3D Environments - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 September 2012 / 8,695 Views

A new patent, discovered by Patently Apple, shows off what Microsoft has been working on for its next generation Xbox. Microsoft R&D division is working on a device that will project full 360-degree game worlds across all four walls in a room. It will also have a full 3D depth camera which can calculate where the player is standing, similar to the Kinect.

The patent also states that the device will also use the rumored Kinect Glasses technology, which is like shutter 3D glasses. Users could be using the entire room as the playing field for games, and not just their television. The 3D glasses could also fill the room with 3D objects.

Patent 1

The document says that Microsoft is working on "an immersive display environment is provided to a human user by projecting a peripheral image onto environmental surfaces around the user. The peripheral images serve as an extension to a primary image displayed on a primary display."

"The user may enjoy an immersive 3-D experience using suitable headgear, such as active shutter glasses configured to operate in synchronization with suitable alternate-frame image sequencing at primary display and environmental display."

Patent 2

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Darth Tigris (on 12 September 2012)

The ultimate interactive electronic entertainment experience IS the Holodeck from Star Trek. Fight for controllers and sitting on your butt all you want, but the holodeck was our dream as soon as we saw it and you KNOW THIS.

It's going to take BOLD steps like this to get there. BUT this IS just a patent, so don't get too excited about the not-to-distant future.

  • +4
Juma009 (on 11 September 2012)

What happened to simply put a controller in my hand sit on my comfy couch or lay in my bed...AND ENJOY MY FUCKING GAME!!!!! I dont want to play a level thats my living room, I want to play level of places I'll never see or dont exist.

  • +3
Heavenly_King Juma009 (on 12 September 2012)

I am with you.

  • -1
bazmeistergen Juma009 (on 13 September 2012)

You can do that and then you can do something different with gaming. No need to be so rage-filled.

  • 0
richardhutnik (on 11 September 2012)

Wow, so Microsoft is developing a strategy to LITERALLY take over the living room.

  • +3
DarkThanatos (on 12 September 2012)

If they can pull it off- without some of the blinding flaws that some people have already pointed out- this will be incredible.
Personally I can't wait for the day when we have fully controller free - projection immersive gaming.

  • +2
megaman79 (on 12 September 2012)


  • +2
RenderMonk (on 11 September 2012)

This embarks on the idea of Virtual Reality. And while it sounds cool enough, the tech just isn't there. If it was we'd have a lot better stuff RIGHT NOW, and we don't. This is purely an idea that they are leaking on purpose to create hype for their next gen console. This will NOT be a real thing anytime soon, and most def won't be apart of the next xbox!

  • +2
zero129 RenderMonk (on 12 September 2012)

you must of never seen that VR type demo that the guys over on Gametrailers (I think it was game trailers?) set up using Battlefield 3 as the bases and a real army soldier as the test subject. Anyway it used something kinda like this for it and it seemed to work very well.
Imo the tech is already there to make good VR 3D games unlike in the late 80's early 90's.

  • +1
camaro52391 (on 11 September 2012)

"a device that will project full 360-degree game worlds across all four walls in a room" so we have to have furniture-less living rooms? As if kinect wasn't annoying enough.

  • +2
binary solo (on 12 September 2012)

So, still planning on using the invisible gun controller.

  • +1
usrevenge (on 11 September 2012)

until holodeck technology from startrek exists I won't be jumping around my living room to play a game.

  • +1
Heavenly_King (on 12 September 2012)

If I want to play a 3rd person shooter or a proper fighting game like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO PLAY IT?? I just want to be in my couch, with my controller in hand and have fun! I DONT WANT TO PLAY EVERY GAME IN FIRST PERSON FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

  • 0
NightDragon83 (on 12 September 2012)

Boy, if you thought flinging Wiimotes around was dangerous to your household objects...

  • 0
JazzB1987 (on 11 September 2012)

As long as the Character doesn't change the view when players head turns. Its useless. So I hope it does.

And it needs glasses anyway otherwhise how should I see the stuff in my room? I doubt its a holodeck lol.
Everything with glasses is crap because you need more than 1 glasses for local multiplayer they are expensive and unconfy and look shitty.

The only positive thing I imagine (in case it really tracks head movement etc) You can finally aim correctly. Like you have a Visor like Samus Aran and it projects a crossfade into the center of the visible "screen" and then you can simply aim at moving your head so that the crossfade is on a target.

Another "good" thing is because of glasses it has the potential to make 3d gaming a standard for xbox games.

  • 0
RedInker (on 11 September 2012)

Not really a great thing if space is at a premium.

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Gamerace (on 11 September 2012)

If there's truth to these rumours the next Xbox will be the 'Wii' of the next generation. That is to say, it'll have a massive console selling 'gimmick' that everyone: core or casual will want to play with (at least at first, it may also get old like Wii's motion controls did)

  • 0
oniyide Gamerace (on 11 September 2012)

it got old because the Wiimote tech barely worked. IMHO. Same thing with this and Kinect there is no way this will make to to the market and work the way it should, unless it costs alot of money.

  • -2
usrevenge Gamerace (on 11 September 2012)

no it got old because there were no good games AND the wiimote didn't work well.
every decent game on the wii was better with gamecube controller.

  • -2
bazmeistergen Gamerace (on 13 September 2012)

Motion controls are good. See Skyward Sword, Red Steel 2, Wii Sports Resort etc

  • 0
SxyxS (on 11 September 2012)

If this works as good as good as Kinect works(compared to the promised)
it would be an epic.
And even if the technique isn"T as lousy as kinect:
I don"t need "more" games that force me to move myself while playing.

  • -1
JRock3x8 (on 11 September 2012)

are we still doubting the authenticity of that leaked powerpoint deck?

  • -1
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