Developer Playdead Buys Itself Back From Investors - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 31 August 2011 / 1,586 Views

Danish game developer Playdead has bought itself back from investors, technology investment bank GP Bullhound announced today.

Founded in 2006 by Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti, Playdead is the studio behind LIMBO, and the game's strong performance is the reason why they, along with management, were able to purchase the studio from its shareholders.

"It feels good to be free," Patti tells gamrFeed. "I'm happy the way that venture turned out even though the cost was greater than we expected."

LIMBO was Playdead's first project and was part of Xbox LIVE's Summer of Arcade 2010 lineup. It won numerous awards, including Best Downloadable Game, Best Graphics, Excellence in Visual Arts, and Technical Excellence at both E3 and GDC.

The studio is currently working on its second project using the Unity platform. Patti recently told Edge that the new project is more ambitious than LIMBO and he thinks it could take at least three and a half years to complete.

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thranx (on 01 September 2011)

Always glad to see a company going back to being privately owned. Good job for them.

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 31 August 2011)

happy for them . free at last.

Machina (on 31 August 2011)

So glad Limbo was a commercial success for them.

demonfox13 (on 01 September 2011)

Happy for them and best of luck to them.