Sony Not Sure if Credit Card Info Was Stolen in PSN Outage

by Alex Co, posted on 26 April 2011 / 2,556 Views

Sony’s PSN service is still down at the time of this writing. While that maybe an inconvenience for some, that would be nothing compared to having your credit card info stolen.

Sony has yet to determine if credit card or any other personal information of PSN users have been compromised, but that Sony would promptly inform users if they found out if that was the case according to a report from PC World.

Patrick Seybold, SCEA spokesman, reiterated this statement, confirming that Sony is still looking whether any personal information or credit card info was taken during the external intrusion.

Sony has yet to answer any inquiries regarding this matter as of press time.

This external intrusion and downtime is the biggest hurdle the PSN has ever seen since its inception in 2006 but I’d wager that would be nothing if personal information and credit card info got stolen or if it’s out in the open. Not being able to play online is one thing, identity theft is another.

We’ll keep you posted as more news develops.

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usrevenge (on 26 April 2011)

any self respecting hacker would go through tor, so that IP address will be a server in cambodia so good job ps3news

ThePS3News (on 26 April 2011)

I find the hackers IP Address!!!. **. Go get'm Sony!!!! (Source N4G)

Darc Requiem (on 26 April 2011)

I'm so glad that PSN didn't let me set my debit card up for my wallet. If you are going to go to war with hackers, you can at least be prepared Sony.

ZaP~ (on 26 April 2011)

I think at the time the PS3 was hacked several hackers addressed the security issues of the credit card info on PSN Will try to found the link, but if i remember it well it it wasn't even encrypted

kayoss (on 26 April 2011)

Anyone else still think its still worth it to hack the PS3 to get Other OS, Homebrew, and CFW???? Please show of hands if you still think its worth it??? Dont be shy... It is yet to be confirmed that a hacker did this but, if hackers are able to get online (PSN) with Hacked ps3, what make you think that they can't get to your personal information?

FreeTalkLive (on 26 April 2011)

Seriously, if it was stolen I am pissed at Sony.

Wagram (on 26 April 2011)

1 day late, congratulations.

theman88 (on 26 April 2011)

Honestly what did this accomplish? Nothing and whoever did it is going to get slammed