New Prototype 2 Details via OXM - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 09 March 2011 / 1,671 Views

Want some Prototype 2 details? You’re in luck as this month’s OXM has details regarding Radical Entertainment’s 2009 action-adventure open world game.

If you haven’t played or finished Prototype I strongly suggest not reading further as there are spoilers. You have been warned.

  • The game takes place in New York still plagued by “cellular infestations."
  • Prototype 2 will have a new protagonist. Sergeant James Heller, a "grizzled military veteran" who has lost his family to the plague.
  • The first game’s protagonist, Alex Mercer, returns but this time as your nemesis.

"It isn't a case of dumbing down the action," OXM explains, "It's a case of Radical finding a way to accommodate the same level of on-screen chaos as seen in Prototype 1, without replicating the occasional feeling of helplessness that marred that game".

Radical apparently has "put some real thought into how a city would actually react to a catastrophic virulent outbreak", dividing the locales up into different socio-economic zones.

We can also expect "a smoother, more considerate game world that allows you to properly feel like you're the strongest, smartest, slickest kid in the playground,"

Prototype 2 will be published by Activision and is on-track for a 2012 release.

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zgamer5 (on 10 March 2011)

@viperlegendkiller i bet you didnt even play it.

zgamer5 (on 10 March 2011)

@viperlegendkiller i bet you didnt even play it.

cr00mz (on 10 March 2011)

before Just Cause 2 this was the ultimate sandbox game

viperlegendkiller (on 10 March 2011)

prototype is so much better than infamous

Seece (on 09 March 2011)

I want to see Radical improvements!