Sony Ships 150m PS2s Worldwide as of early 2011

by Jacob Mazel, posted on 07 February 2011 / 3,623 Views

Through December 2010, Sony had either shipped 150.2m or 149.7m PS2s, depending on whether you believe September 2009 Sony or March 2009 Sony citing its own figures. In March 2009, Sony said it had shipped 136.3m PS2s through December 2008. During January to June 2009, or Q4 of FY 2008 and Q1 of FY 2009 on this page, remembering that Sony years end in March, Sony says it shipped 3m PS2s.* Normally, that would indicate 139.3m PS2s in that frame. However, in September 2009, Sony said it had shipped 138.8m PS2s, 500,000 less. The reality is Sony included one extra week in the first press release when describing the quarter, and one week less in the same quarter in its later data. In addition, some massaging of the numbers happened too, given shipments of well under 500,000 per week throughout the quarter (a 500k/ avg would be a 6.5m quarter - higher than X360 / PS3 in in their Christmas quarters), and likely no more than 300,000 in the final week of the year, after Christmas .

* Dec 2008 Figures: 136.3m + 1.4m + 1.6m + 1.9m + 2.1m+ 1.7m + 1.6m + 1.5m + 2.1m = 150.2m as of Dec 2010

June 2009 Figures: 138.8m + 1.9m + 2.1m + 1.7m + 1.6m + 1.5m + 2.1m = 149.7m

In any case, whether Sony has shipped 149.7m or 150.2m PS2s through December 2010, Sony has assuredly topped 150m PS2s through January 2011. This makes PS2 the first system to top 150m units of hardware worldwide. DS will be there by the end of 2011, but for now, Sony's dominant system of the 2000-2006 is still rather easily the biggest system of all time. With PS1 at only 102.5m units and Wii just at 85m, no home console should touch PS2 figures for years. Moreover, as Sony is still shipping 1-2m units per quarter in developing markets, the system has not only topped 150m, but can still top 160m units if the modest declines from the current 6-7m level can continue for at least another half year. In fact if PS2 is at 153m or more by the end of June 2011, 160m is going to be passed rather easily.

All in all, congratulations are in order! Well done Sony...just clarify those figures.

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thismeintiel (on 08 February 2011)

@ scapegoatsqueal U mad? There dozens of DVD player well below $100. Hell, Wal-marts got a bunch of them for under $30.

scapegoatsqueal (on 07 February 2011)

poor people still looking to buy a cheap DVD player, i see

abhiram_33 (on 07 February 2011)

time to see the PS3 do just as well

AOvechkin08 (on 07 February 2011)

Good ol PS2, The best console of all time deserves those amazing sales. Conrats Sony and Congrats PS2 :D

sabestar (on 07 February 2011)

Well deserved sales and congrats Sony.

postofficebuddy (on 07 February 2011)

@Kingofwale ioi is probably just waiting for Sony to give regional shipment data so he knows where to apply the sales to. Basically it comes down to how many are in Latin America and how many are in Asia.

kingofwale (on 07 February 2011)

"All in all, congratulations are in order! Well done Sony...just clarify those figures." speaking of clarifying, why is VGC still tracking PS2 sales at 141 million? are you going to tell me that there are 8 million (or a year and half of production) PS2s on the shelf?

pukem0n (on 07 February 2011)

i wonder why nobody still makes games for this except some EA sports titles the market is huuuuuuge and the development costs rather cheap ^^

Dallinor (on 07 February 2011)

Greatest console ever.

Kyuu (on 07 February 2011)

long live ps2, best console of all time. I wonder if the Wii can outsell it.

Nintendogamer (on 07 February 2011)

I really think DS could top 150M by mid 2011, end of 2011 it easily could do 155M+.

awsmjayloser (on 07 February 2011)

I just bought a new PS2 because my 10 year-old one died on me. Best system ever.

thismeintiel (on 07 February 2011)

Sweet! Keep on trucking.