Kinect is the Fastest-Selling Videogame Hardware of All Time - News

by Brett Walton , posted on 07 January 2011 / 13,329 Views

With the recent announcement by Microsoft of 8 million units of Kinect sold-in to retail in two months and with current VGChartz estimates of Kinect sell-through to consumers at 7.2 million, the hardware has certainly exceeded most expectations and become the big hit of the holiday season 2010. The launch of Kinect has pushed Xbox 360 hardware far above the levels seen this time in 2008 and 2009 and titles like Kinect Sports and Dance Central have seen very strong sales.

So Kinect is a definite success but how does it compare to other videogame hardware launches? Firstly, there is some debate over whether Kinect can be considered as a videogame system or whether it is an accessory - this is certainly a grey area and Kinect exhibits characteristics of both. For the argument as a system, the fact that Kinect has it's own library of games which can only be played on Kinect certainly distances it from a typical accessory like a Guitar Hero guitar or even the Wii Balance Board, both of which are only supported by a handful of games, many of which can be played without those accessories. From a consumer perspective, Kinect is actually limited (in terms of potential sales) by the fact that you need an Xbox 360 to use it. Therefore, the two options available are to purchase in a hardware bundle starting at $300 or you effectively get a Kinect at a discounted rate of $150 if you already own an Xbox 360. So from a consumer perspective, Kinect is a very real competitor to the likes of Wii as a platform as it costs a similar amount and has a distinct library of games that can only be played on Kinect.

In terms of sales comparisons, the most obvious is to the other motion platforms - Wii and PS Move. In the same timeframe from launch, Kinect outsold Wii by almost 2:1 and PS Move over 5:1. The comparison to Wii isn't entirely fair as Nintendo suffered heavy supply constraints from launch (Kinect saw sell-outs but not nearly to the same level) and some credit has to be given to the fact that Nintendo created the whole "motion" genre with titles like Wii Sports and Wii Play, complete with the distinctive family-focused branding that Microsoft has borrowed heavily from with Kinect and has matured into an entire market in the four years since Wii launch. That said, the raw figures are hard to argue with and with the launch price of Wii at $250 compared to the average selling price of a Kinect purchase at around $220 then the comparison is fair. Note that for PS Move, the figure is given as the number of camera+PS Move controller purchases (so one camera and 4 controllers counts as one purchase) and the figures also don't include holiday sales since PS Move launched around two months before Kinect.


So how does Kinect compare to other system launches? The table below shows the top ten launch sales in the same two month aligned timeframe:

It needs to be understood that the positioning of the launch timeframe of a system will have an enormous impact on initial sales - a holiday launch will tend to result in higher initial sales than launching during the summer. Also, a number of hardware formats suffer from initial shortages and production issues - notably missing from this list is the Xbox 360 itself which sold only 1.6 million units in the first two months aligned due to various production problems and the Wii figure would have been much higher had more supply been available as has already been mentioned. Most hardware launches are also replacements of older systems (Wii from GameCube, PS3 from PS2, DS from GBA etc) - it is typical for hardware to have a 1-2 year crossover period where software is still being made for both systems and it takes the new system a while to pick up momentum. Obviously Kinect and Move don't really have this issue.

With that said, nothing can be taken away from the Kinect launch and it's status as the fastest-selling videogame hardware launch of all time. Stay tuned to VGChartz for more news on Kinect sales in the coming months.

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ftreethug (on 01 March 2011)

@adinsx - Before you criticise or call other people's posts read your own. All I see is an anti MS biggot ignoring facts and exposing your biased position. Wii is a hugely successful platform. But the kinect has sold faster. The article (as is usually the case on vgchartz) is balanced, fair and covering all sides. Lastly - please dont call people stupid, when your poor usage of english, gramatical errors and ignorance of facts doesnt paint you in an intellectual light either. Many great ideas on this forum. Yours is console racism and fanboyism.

adinsx (on 10 January 2011)

@reidlosdog Stop to read my post first before answering to it and STFU you xbox fanboy. It's an hardware? Yes it is! It's stupid comparing just a different hardware? Yes it is, that why this POST in vgchartz is careless and a waste of space on the database. And saying that no hardware in the WORLD and all TIME has not sold so much in 2 months than kinect is a stupid argument. Now first read my post, then if u want answer, and after that I can answer you that I couldn't care less about kinect sales.

reidlosdog (on 10 January 2011)

Is there any point in arguing anymore? It's hardware Nyeguy81, adinsx, & Nintendology. HARDWARE. Go look it up. 1. metalware, as tools, locks, hinges, or cutlery. 2. the mechanical equipment necessary for conducting an activity, usually distinguished from the theory and design that make the activity possible. 3. military weapons and combat equipment. 4. Slang . a weapon carried on one's person: The rougher types were asked to check their hardware at the door. 5. Computers . the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical devices comprising a computer system, as the CPU, disk drives, keyboard, or screen. Better now? Do you feel vindicated enough? NO HARDWARE HAS SOLD AS MUCH AS KINECT.

Nyeguy81 (on 10 January 2011)

shouldnt be any debate at all. it is an accessory and should not be compared to stand alone systems.

adinsx (on 10 January 2011)

Kinect = Waste of money. People like to waste money on stupid things, that's life, that's capitalism. Live with it, I don't buy kinect until there's a prove that some hardcore game use it perfectly, and I bet no game will use it. I would buy kinect just so i could connect to my PC and program on it, that would probrably be the best use for it.

Nintendology (on 09 January 2011)

Why isn't the Kinect being compared to the Wii Motion Plus or Wii Balance board? After giving it some thought, it seems like a far more appropriate comparison.

reidlosdog (on 09 January 2011)

@Anvel It's just facts. No one is making you do anything.

AnveL (on 09 January 2011)

so what?? even it reach 80m i also won't buy it, it just make for mini games that won't need much time to play on, cause i play long hour core game and such way can't help to improve my gaming time but will decrease it even if it really came out with core game in future...

reidlosdog (on 09 January 2011)

@DM235 1st question. Read the title. Hardware. Accessories are hardware, but they have never sold this much in the course of 60 days. Ever. I'm sure if you looked through time you would have about 50000000000000000 PS2's out there. It's just hardware for the first 60 days. Read again, I know, it's hard cause it's in the title, but hardware is hardware. 2nd question. Answered in first. 3rd question. Your doing your math wrong. If you would like to see the Move sales in your terms, simply times that number by 4, not five. This is because 1 piece of that whole unit is already being equated. You need to calm down. Being angry makes you stupid. So the amount of unites, in your terms sold, is 5.16 million. Still considerably less than the Kinect at base price of $150. Let's make this easier for you. IF, and I say if, sony did sell 1.29 million (camera, 4 controllers) it would cost 249.99 to buy all of this single set., times those two together. That's $322,487,100. Now, Kinect sold 7.2 million at 149.99 (for the sake of argument, I will ignore the 299.99 edition). Times those two together and you get: $1,079,928,000. The money created by this is the big part of the equation. No matter how you see it, this is huge. Please be more respectful and try to understand what people are saying rather than what you believe they are saying.

curtisghall (on 08 January 2011)

I think this proves you can sell a gaming product without a good library of games, that is if you spend enough $$$ for advertising, look at what Microsoft did for Halo, and the PS MOVE game line up is not bad considering you can use MOVE for Time Crisis, High Velocity Bowling, Heavy Rain, etc, I really think people are really buyin this because of the new and revolutionary technology it envoles, like the WII, PS MOVE is just a small improvement from WII technology therefor no one gonna go crazy over the PS MOVE, Let's just hope they can really do something good with KINECT, only good game out for it is Dance Central, they need some shooters or something

Hyruken (on 08 January 2011)

As always a good article from ioi. There does seem to be a lot of butt hurt over it though. As someone else mentioned the games you get for Kinect can't be played on a 360 without it. If you want to shake it on Dance Central it won't work in your 360 without the Sensor. Thus making it a piece of hardware. Simple. As said in the article it has characteristics of both. Either way well done MS. Hopefully now the software devs will think its worth making games on there aimed more at a hardcore audience.

DM235 (on 08 January 2011)

This is the dumbest comparison / article yet. Brett, generally your analysis is great, but you must have been drunk when you were writing this article. It is so ridiculous that I had to respond. First, Kinect is an accessory. It is a add-on platform that is a subset of the XBox 360, but not a console. Since the title of the article says it is a hardware comparison, and not a platform comparison, I would expect to see hardware sales comparisons. Personally, I think lumping consoles and accessories together gives you meaningless results, but so be it. If you were doing an add-on platform comparison, I would want to see Sega CD, the PS2 HDD, the PS Eye compared to each other. Second, where are the comparisons to other accessories like DualShock controllers, WiiMotes or WiiMotion+ controllers? And finally, why is the PS3 Move a count of 5 accessory purchases? So in reality, this is 6.45 million accessories. Heck, I have been trying to buy another Move controller for 4 months now, but since I only have 1 I guess I am only 2/5 of a purchase? I guess my wife, my daughter and I are just fooling ourselves that we were having fun because we really need to buy 3 more controllers??? Especially since all Move games require 4 controllers? Brett, what were you thinking??? If you apply the same logic to the Wii, I guess you have to divide the number by 8 to only account for people 4 WiiMotes and 4 Nunchuks, because that is the only way to play games the Wii??? That means it will not even make your top ten list? I guess it is a total failure? If Kinect successful? Yes. Is this article dumb? Yes. Please do a proper analysis next time...

Lyrikalstylez (on 08 January 2011)

I bet Sony wishes it didnt pass on kinect, lol Congratz Ms Hopefully now developers can see there is enough install base to make games for!

slowmo (on 08 January 2011)

Well done Microsoft, congrats to those posters on here mature enough to credit their success too.

landguy1 (on 08 January 2011)

I agree that the Kinect isn't and shouldn't be considered a game system. It isn't just an accessory like a racing wheel or a controller with the rumble pack. Because of it's price point, you have to look at it as a tweener. So, i think you can look at all sorts of comparisons to hardware, but still only as a reference. Besides that, look at the attachment!!!! There are only 52 Million 360's and in 60 days, they have added almost 8 million of these to that user base. They have already captured 16% of their available market in only a short time.

NNN2004 (on 08 January 2011)

Unbelievable sales .. yes go kinect :)

dfhjtyk (on 08 January 2011)

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z101 (on 08 January 2011)

Its a peripheral, a controller, not a new console. The comparison with real consoles is wrong. By the way. I think form all the hardware in the list, kinect got the biggest marketing campaign by far.

libellule (on 08 January 2011)

hardware ? comeo on ... it is a peripheral ... do not compare apple with cherry ... whatever, it is still an insane success for a 150$ peripheral !

amsterdream (on 08 January 2011)

american brainwash

Christian973 (on 08 January 2011)

Kinect is just feeding off the crowd Nintendo made with motion controls. This thing is a CONTROLLER not a console. It shouldn't be compared with other systems either. To me, It's an Add-On like the Wii Balance Board.

chaospluto (on 08 January 2011)

With 500$ in Advertisements, I would really hope so. Honestly though, Kinect "Controller" shouldn't be compared with Consoles, I don't care what anyone says. I don't give a crap if Sony, Nintendo and MS all agreed on the fact. Kinect doesn't run on it's own and it sure as heck doesn't play the games. It's not something you just plug into your TV like some cheap Fisher Price toy. It's hardware that REQUIRES the 360. IT'S A CONTROLLER! It should be pulled from this list. Danged fanboys and bias opinions. If MOVE was up there, I would say remove it as well. So don't even go there that I'm some fanboy.

Killiana1a (on 08 January 2011)

A lot of lies and misinformation being spread due to idiotic knee-jerk reactions. Haters say, "Kinect can't be compared to a console! WAH WAH WAAAAHMBULANCE!" I say, "Yes it can. All consoles and hardware like Move and Kinect are platforms intended to play games. Neither the PS3 nor 360 could not play Move or Kinect games without the platform (Move and Kinect). Thus forth, they are rightfully compared to consoles in sales because each are platforms where games are designed to play on them." Other haters say, "What about the CORE games. You know, the only games that matter." I reply, "The CORE already has their games. What do you think any FPS, sandbox, sports, racing or RPG is? Move and Kinect are marketed towards a wider market than a minority of forum goers who are vocal. The casual market could support entire consoles on their own. The CORE market cannot because of their lack of size." Haters say, "You can't play Kinect without a 360." I reply, "Could you play Wii Sports or use the PSEye without a Wii or PS3?" Goes back to the original point, Move and Kinect just like the Wii, PS3 and 360 are PLATFORMS where without them you could not play the games designed for them." I rest...for now.

Shadowblind (on 07 January 2011)

Hm . . . it seems a lot of people don't understand what "fastest selling video game hardware" means. In short, it doesn't matter how advertised it was, it doesn't matter when it launched, it doesn't matter if you hate Microsoft, what it means is that its selling faster for it's launch period then any other video game hardware. Why are people making such a fuss about it? Hes not saying it's better then any other thing, just that its selling faster. The point of comparing it to other video game hardware is because (real shocker, avert eyes if you're underaged) it's video game hardware.

AOK Games (on 07 January 2011)

Those may be big numbers, but I don't know how anyone could classify it as good news. Despite having absolutely no core games at launch, it manages to sell that amount, and it needed a marketing campaign more than twice the amount of the Wii's launch marketing campaign. Basically, Microsoft took all they got from the core gamers they've been catering to for the past five years and produced a peripheral aimed squarely at the casual crowd. With no core games, you can expect an influx of shovelware even worse than the Wii's, because that's all that's selling right now, and it's selling a LOT. Why make core games if there's no telling that the audience is even there? There's not a single game that can prove otherwise. Even worse, what few core games there are, like Fighters Uncaged, sold terribly despite being launch titles. You also don't even know if traditional games are possible at all. They should have taken a few tips from Nintendo and have at least one core game available at launch, or at least some videos, to show that core or traditional gaming isn't impossible. Basically, unless you're a stockholder or a total fanboy, these numbers are not good. All they're saying is that Microsoft wanted to make a casual product, and it's selling with and only with casual software. There's absolutely no good news for the core gamer.

elvacano80 (on 07 January 2011)

look at all these butthurt babys =(, it hurts to sit down doesnt it? Kinect is just amazing!

austin2359 (on 07 January 2011)

The fact is, Kinect can never be higher then the number of 360s sold, and even with kinect, wii is still beating 360 including in 2010.

Naum (on 07 January 2011)

Maybe it's beacuse English my "2nd" language so to speak but after reading this article 3 time I still don't see how Kinect is anything but a "add-on" like the Balanceboard

marcianito (on 07 January 2011)

also the most advertised

Americant_heroxbox (on 07 January 2011)

nerson say , Ha ,haaa...HATERs

Nintendology (on 07 January 2011)

These juxtapositions are erroneous at best. The Wii was a brand new system with an untested control scheme and no existing market for motion controlled games. The Kinect gets to capitalize on a market that Nintendo has crafted over the past four years. The Kinect can also be sold to existing Xbox 360 owners. Lastly, it is a peripheral, not an entirely new system. No one considers the Eye Toy or the Playstation Eye to be new systems, and they are also motion tracking cameras, just like the Kinect. In fact, a lot of Kinect games play like old Eye Toy games, but with better graphics. So if those weren't consider systems, then neither is this. With that said, Microsoft is making a killing. This only proves that motion controls are the future, and not a gimmick, as so many developers and publishers had predicted in the past. It is nice to see Microsoft remain competitive. In all honesty, even though Nintendo is my favorite game company, it is nice to see an American company thriving in a market that we originally established.

Cueil (on 07 January 2011)

@hsrob if you try and compare it with other controllers it would be even uglier

kingofbubba (on 07 January 2011)

1) The Kinect is doing exceedingly well! 2) I read the whole article. 3) I read some of the comments but not all since the site has been kinda slow recently and the posted comments (particularly the first few) get messed up on my comp for some reason. Whew! Now that that is out of the way... Brett, I liked the article. It's interesting to see how Kinect is doing...but it is honestly strange to call Kinect a system. I realize you didn't blatantly call it a system, but you do call it "hardware" and you did put it in a table with game system launches. However, It is an accessory. I mean, consider the Motion +. It has a "library" of games that can't be played without it (albeit small), and it is hardware...but it still requires a system to run it. It should be noted that since it [Kinect] is not a system, but in fact requires a system to work, that the sales might not have been as good if ALL purchasers had to buy a Kinect along with a brand new system--which would have to be a system NOT already on the market since we're speaking of "launches", thus the cheapest bundled price would be higher than $300 if for example the Kinect came out at the same time that the 360 did. I'm not saying that the success of Kinect is overblown. I'm just saying that these issues cause problems in your report and maybe the numbers would be +/- what you report...who knows. Anyway, the last problem with treating the Kinect as a system is this: Did you include the 360 as a potential player on the table of fastest systems launches? Did it just not make the top ten? (I'm not being cynical, I'm just your target audience who you are trying to inform of/introduce to such stats) If Kinect is indeed a system, how does it's sales combine/subtract/modify the historical sales of the 360? p.s. Do you know how many of VGChartz estimated sales of Kinect were in system bundles? That'd be awesome news to hear how many new 360 gamers were directly brought in by the launch of Kinect!

BenVTrigger (on 07 January 2011)

wow.....the comments on here turned into utter crap. Why is it so hard for people to just say congrats to Microsoft and good job on expanding the market?

welshbloke (on 07 January 2011)

Nothing can be taken away but I am sure without even reading the comments many have tried anyway.

hsrob (on 07 January 2011)

Great sales regardless but It's just not a system and therefore shouldn't be compared with other systems. At the very least the comparison should have been expanded to include other controllers. I don't really understand the argument that the sales are potentially limited by the fact that you need to own an XBox360 system. It could equally be argued that you are selling to an install base of 50 million people who have already committed to the Xbox360 product, in contrast to other new console hardware which is selling to an install base of 0.

manwhoknowseverythin (on 07 January 2011)

@potreo maybe we should compare it to everything else that had the same advertising budget, that would be more fair in my opinion

chuckyj1 (on 07 January 2011)

Well try to play a Kinect game without the Kinect??? This is like saying the Sega CD was a peripherial and not a system. No one argued that the Sega CD wasn't it's own system even though you needed to use it inconjunction with the the Sega Genesis. Long before the Kinect was launched MS had already stated that they were going to treat it just like a new system system launch and they did.

potreo (on 07 January 2011)

Why are you comparing a peripheral with consoles?? Try to play with a Kinect without the 360 and let's see what happend. It's only FAIR to compare it to wii controller, wii motion plus and ps move (or any other PERIPHERAL). I hate when this happens... please compare apples to apples.

Mr Puggsly (on 07 January 2011)

Remember when people were comparing the Kinect to the 32X? I imagine these numbers are killing them.

primogen18 (on 07 January 2011)

Impressive sales, but you cannot compare it to a console because it's just NOT hardware. It's an accessory. This is worse then the returns we got after xmas because people bought this thin without actually having an Xbox first, you still need an actual CONSOLE.

Shadowblind (on 07 January 2011)

Impressive sales, no matter which way you look at it.

Simme (on 07 January 2011)

In my oppinion, you can't compare it with real consols If a new console is released, it costs like twice as much ... And you shouldn't forget, that no "videogame hardware add-on" has been ever hyped like this !

mizzou_guy (on 07 January 2011)

Yeah, I don't get the whole 4-move-controllers-plus-camera-count-as-1 thing. Seems pretty stupid, if I'm going to be completely frank about it.

manwhoknowseverythin (on 07 January 2011)

@MightyGrogg source, and Move was no where near as heavily advertised as kinect

heruamon (on 07 January 2011)

Kudos to M$ for not "creating" shortages, and actually making sure that their were sufficient quantities for consumers to buy, suring hte holidays. Sure, it was tough to get a standalone on launch, but I don't know of anywhere that was totally out, by Xmas. Now, we need the next round of software!!!

abhiram_33 (on 07 January 2011)

wow i thoughts there was a lot of people talking crap about this but i should say that the PlayStation Move deserves more sales than that

ryuzaki57 (on 07 January 2011)

...and the most casual hardware ever... Oh sorry was that politically incorrect?

bannedagain (on 07 January 2011)


Sensei (on 07 January 2011)

What I want to understand is WHY this thing sells.

inu_1607 (on 07 January 2011)

jajaja lol, comparing with consoles? jaja it would be better comparing with wii balance board, zapper, eye, etc. However good for ms =)

MightyGrogg (on 07 January 2011)

@manwhoknowseverythin Again, M$ did not use all $500 million to advertise for the Kinect. The $500 is for advertising for the next 5 years. Yes, they heavily marketed the system, like you are suppose to do when you want it to sell well. Sony advertised the Move a lot as well. I saw lots of commercials and ads for it. ************************************************************ the Kinect IS hardware. It's not a system/console though. It's not different then the 32X or SEGA CD. Both are attachable hardware. I wouldn't call it an accessory though. I thought the Move had sold much more then 1.29 in 2 months. What's up with that? [url][/url] It shipped 4.1 million in 2 months, so how could it still have 2.9 million still on retail shelves? That's serious overstock, don't you think? Kinect killed it, even after the Move had a 2 month head start.

Kratos (on 07 January 2011)

@BoneArk I Think it would be below DS. But hey Kinect sold a lot. A lot a lot. Kinect is a very good thing for Microsoft.

darklich13 (on 07 January 2011)

Well, no matter how you slice it, hardware or add-on it still outsold EVERYTHING!!

BoneArk (on 07 January 2011)

I wonder how much it would of sold if it launched with the 360 in 2005?

sethnintendo (on 07 January 2011)

@reidlosdog, Yes, it is hardware (not software). I should have just stuck with using add-on and system in my post. Is it fair to compare a system vs add-on? And if so what is the point of comparing systems vs add-ons? I see no point...

llewdebkram (on 07 January 2011)

and all thanks to Nintendo!

Wandamaximoff (on 07 January 2011)


LokeSTL (on 07 January 2011)

FYI - Kinect is not "videogame hardware" it is a peripheral. 360(hardware/console) works without the Kinect, but the Kinect only works when attached to the 360. To call it hardware is a streeeeetch. If anything, It should be compared to the gun for the Nintendo, the PS3 camera, or the Wii controller. Not a hater, I own one and the kids love it. Just as good as a brand new puppy.

BMaker11 (on 07 January 2011)

One camera and 4 controllers = 1 purchase? How do you determine which consumer just buys a camera and *1* controller, a camera and 4 controllers, and someone who just buys a controller? I know given the way Move is, it's hard to tell how many unique households it's in, but to say that it takes 4 controllers to equal one purchase is ridiculous.

manwhoknowseverythin (on 07 January 2011)

Not to take away from their achievement or anything but it would be alot more impressive if it wasn't the most-advertised videogame hardware of all time, I mean yeah the sales are good but are the sales 500 million advertisement budget good?

reidlosdog (on 07 January 2011)

@ sethnintendo ....It's still hardware. Would you like to simply continue to equate that since VG is comparing Kinect to other hardware, it's stating it is a console? Kinect is hardware. It's not software, it's not a console (though you do need it in order to play specific games), it's a add-on. It's hardware. WE GOT YOUR BACK VG!! LET COMMON SENSE RULE THE LANDS!!

mundus6 (on 07 January 2011)

In Wii's defense Nintendo couldn't put out enough consoles in the first year to match supply. Kinect is still very very successful though, but i doubt it will outsell the Wii in the long run.

kowenicki (on 07 January 2011)

hmmm this looks similar to the topic of a recent thread... ? ;-) Anyway, good article and an incredible performance.... sensational judgement by MS.

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 07 January 2011)

well good for MS

sethnintendo (on 07 January 2011)

Extreme bullshit calling Kinect hardware. It is a freaking add on... I don't have any Kinect hate really. I just don't like the fact that you are trying to say it is hardware and comparing it to hardware. Saying the Sega CD or 32X is hardware might fly but the fact that you needed the Genesis still made those add-ons. I think everyone agrees that if you need a system to run the accessory then it is in fact an add-on not a system.

Baalzamon (on 07 January 2011)

@famousringo: Well, the 8 million number is shipped, as I just saw from a source this morning, so I think you should use the vg number of 7.2 million that this article clearly uses.

Barozi (on 07 January 2011)

Maybe it has already been answered, but I don't get the part where you wrote "the figure is given as the number of camera+PS Move controller purchases (so one camera and 4 controllers counts as one purchase)" Why 4 controllers and not 2 ? Or does it include the Navigation controller ?

Tiwaz (on 07 January 2011)

This can't be, kinect failed and is doomed! Doom I tell ya!

Rawnchie14 (on 07 January 2011)

@ famousringo - I think I agree with you on that one, the Wii was scarce when it was released. Microsoft learned from Nintendo well I suppose.

famousringo (on 07 January 2011)

The secret ingredient is confidence (and money). Microsoft had the balls to produce enough Kinects to sell 8 million in two months. The Wii? Nintendo hedged, and didn't build nearly enough to sate demand. Ditto for the balance board. If the Kinect had flopped, Microsoft would be out an awful lot of money right now. But it didn't, so MS won big. Can't accuse Microsoft of not being willing to take risks.

Rawnchie14 (on 07 January 2011)

@ horselot - Agreed. Need games before I'm convinced, but the large numbers bodes well for getting these games made!

horselot (on 07 January 2011)

anyway good for Microsoft, now is just time to wait for more games of it :)

reidlosdog (on 07 January 2011)

@all the haters Everyone that is screaming Kinect is a add-on so you can't compare it to any other hardware (cause it's unfair) is retarded. These are just excuses. I can almost garentee that these same people said that the Kinect wouldn't sell because it was a $150 add-on. THAT'S AN EXPENSIVE ADD ON. Regardless, this is great hardware sales. What all the haters should be stating is that once that install base (the consumer base that already owns Xbox 360's) buys all of the Kinects they can, will sales slow? I personally feel like they won't decrease. What is the greatest marketing strategy? One cheaper and far more difficult than any other? As Sony has stated, word of mouth. I think the more homes that have the Kinect, the more friends and family will see it and say: "We need this, now." It is safe to say that probably within the first 4 months, Kinect will sell at least 10 million. THAT'S CRAZY!! This is the next Wii folks, and even though I won't enjoy it, it looks like this might actually sell faster and better than the Wii. The only thing threatening the Kinect? Wii 2 or whatever the next console Nintendo comes out with.

Squeakthedragon (on 07 January 2011)

It's funny to see people still sighing "when are consumers going to get tired of motion controls?" after five years of motion control popularity. Gamers hunched over Call of Duty may hate to hear it, but motion controls aren't going anywhere. They're just an evolution of video game interfaces. How they're integrated will shift and change now that the idea is out there, but it's clear that there's a large market for them and more people play video games than just this idea of "hardcore" gamers. Gamers will just move the goal posts in retaliation ("those aren't real video games" or "this person who likes game X isn't a real gamer") but none of it changes the cold hard facts.

Rawnchie14 (on 07 January 2011)

@ Wagram - as long as it, for me, doesn't become cumbersome.

Rawnchie14 (on 07 January 2011)

@ YoshMaster - Last time I checked a peripheral, was indeed hardware. Stop being so irrational.

ioi (on 07 January 2011)

@horselot The key drivers at the moment for Kinect sales (aside from marketing) are Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Dance Central, Kinect Joyride and Your Shape. All of which are specifically designed for Kinect. I think that, unlike Move which will definitely be seen as far more "core" and have dual controls for major core titles, Kinect will have an entirely seperate software library of titles designed specifically for motion controls (dance, party, mini-games, sports) just like Wii has.

YoshMaster (on 07 January 2011)

It's so stupid to compare Kinect -- a PERIPHERAL -- with real gaming hardware!!

Rawnchie14 (on 07 January 2011)

@ horselot -- while you're correct that many are used for hacks, I highly doubt, even 1-2 million of those Kinect were bought to be used for PC hacking - which would STILL comfortably make it the fastest selling peripheral. Even more mind bending is - these sales are without any games. One of its biggest criticisms is lack of games and it STILL sells.

ioi (on 07 January 2011)

@Cheebee Sales are about 50/50 - half are bundled with hardware half are stand-alone to existing 360 owners. Certainly the half that were bought bundled with hardware are entirely comparable to any other console launch as the consumer is spending $300+ for a 360 with Kinect to play Kinect games. For the other 50%, this is the grey area I guess. I'd still consider $150 a hefty amount to pay for an "add-on" - especially when you can buy a Wii for $150-200 most of the holidays.

AussieGecko (on 07 January 2011)

@cheebee read the table, it is comparing against the wii and move...

PullusPardus (on 07 January 2011)

impressive, just shows how much marketing can do even with high price points, Sony should take a huge note from this.

horselot (on 07 January 2011)

@ioi with the drivers for kinect their sales are not limited only to xbox, I'm sure many software developers have bought kinect without owning a 360, one of my roomates already bought his kinect and he doesn't have a 360. In my opinion having games that will only work with Kinect doesn't make it a new hardware platform, almost all games are the same, wich is sports games but most of games will be regular games that can be played with normal controls and will have support for kinect just like what Sony will do with move.

darklich13 (on 07 January 2011)

@cheebee How does a limited install base HELP it??

Baalzamon (on 07 January 2011)

7.2 million is insane, holy crap. I think I'll change my opinion and agree it will reach 20 million. Seems a tad high considering they just announced they have shipped 8 million units though. That would leave only like 800k units for stores worldwide (Which is highly unlikely considering the weekly sales of Kinect)

Wagram (on 07 January 2011)

What I want to know is how long is it going to take until consumers get tired of motion controls?

Cheebee (on 07 January 2011)

Hm, lots of angry people here, it seems. It HAS sold a ton, well done MS. Although the fact that it launched to an install base of some 40 million+ 360's helped it tremendously. Had it come out with zero 360 install base, like all other hardware it's being compared to, I'm certain it would've sold far, far less. Unless anyone wants to claim those 7+ million sold were 360 + Kinect bundles, instead of a ton of Kinect add-ons for existing owners of 360's.

Rawnchie14 (on 07 January 2011)

Ah cmon guys... take off the rose colored glasses. Admit it, Kinect took a market which was riding the motion craze - and gave it a miraculous spin to completely impress people. You can see the "console preference" resistance outside of the US - but regardless when the developers see this kind of super-rapid growth - they'll jump on board and quite possibly deliver a killer Kinect/controller-hybrid title to lure in on-fencers (which I know a lot of, including myself).

darklich13 (on 07 January 2011)

The way I look at it is like the Sega 32X and SegaCD. They both had software that required the hardware to play. You can't play a Kinect game without the hardware. The Kinect is a platform that has it own games. Yes it does require a 360 but so did the 32X and Sega CD, until later when they were combined.

optoma1990 (on 07 January 2011)

@ioi is your profile pic positioning you comfortably enough on top of steve ballmers nuts? time to break out my ip soofer...:)

80s_gamer (on 07 January 2011)

@miz1q2w3e an accessory is hardware - But i agree it is more an accessory also

ioi (on 07 January 2011)

@optoma1990 Again, surely the fact that Kinect sales are limited by the fact that you have to own an Xbox360 to use it makes them even more impressive?

optoma1990 (on 07 January 2011)

is this a pisstake? kinect is the best selling ADD ON of all time it doesnt play games without an XBOX360 now does it? Major trolling on the websites part

Roma (on 07 January 2011)

congrats for their sales but if it wasn't for Nintendo who opened up this market they would not have sold this good in the first place ;)

miz1q2w3e (on 07 January 2011)

Also, I'm curious, how much DID WiiMotionPlus sell in the beginning? Was it ever sold standalone or Just with games like WSR and RS2??

miz1q2w3e (on 07 January 2011)

I'm more inclined to agree with the opinion that Kinect is more of an accessory than an actual gaming system/hardware - It definitely has more in common with WiiMotionPlus/PSMove/BalanceBoard than it does with the Wii/PS3/X360 consoles That said, 7M+ Kinects sold in such a small time period is quite an impressive achievement indeed! gaming >>>> all

ioi (on 07 January 2011)

@jayderyu - it is a sub platform of Xbox 360. In a couple of years, Kinect will likely have a good 200-300 games available for it - most accessories like PS Eye, BalanceBoard etc are designed specifically for a few select titles, you couldn't really consider them a new platform. Either way, I don't see what the point is. Kinect has sold significantly more than PS Eye, Balance Board or any other piece of specific gaming hardware in the same timeframe. If anything, the point that Kinect sales are limited by 360 sales actually works against Kinect not for it - if I want to go and buy one I need to also purchase a 360. You have to look at this from a different angle - from that of a developer. I'm about to develop a new game and I want to know platform sizes. I can make a game for Wii, for Wii Motion+, for BalanceBoard, for 360, for Kinect for PS3, for PS Move and so on - they are all different platforms or sub-platforms with a maximum userbase that I need to consider when deciding which to develop for. Kinect stands out from PS Eye, Balance Board etc in that it isn't designed specifically for one purpose and therefore attracts a much wider demographic of gamers than a typical accessory so at that point it is equal in consideration to any other console platform. The Wii / Move / Kinect comparison is also valid as that becomes important when I'm looking specifically at wanting to develop a motion title like Just Dance, Dance Central, Wii Sports, Kinect Sports, Sports Champions and so on - they don't work on standard 360s or PS3s so I'm only interested in the userbases that I can reach with my game.

darklich13 (on 07 January 2011)

Haters going to Hate! Good non-biased article.

.jayderyu (on 07 January 2011)

It's an accessory. It's not a grey area. Would I consider the PS Eye it's own hardware because it has a game called Eye of Judgement? marketing accessory as a new hardware by claiming it so doesn't make it so. In the end it's sales or software don't make it console in of itself. It's not a grey area. It's an attachment. A good one, but still just an attachment. As an accessory however it's doing really well. Congratulations to Kinect and MS. They didn't flap their arms. Instead they created a parallel product to serve a similar market without a direct rip in design. It worked. Didn't set any new trails, but at least they they did it in a new way :)