The Last Story Characters Get Official Art

by Nicholas Taylor, posted on 13 December 2010 / 27,488 Views

Just in case you've somehow missed it, Hironobu Sakaguchi, original creator of the Final Fantasy-series, who is currently the head of Mistwalker Studios, is currently working on a large-scale RPG for Nintendo Wii, published by Nintendo, named The Last Story. The game has had a slow trickling of information steadily arriving for the last few months, and here comes some official character art to go with that slew of info.


The main character. He lost all his family as a youth and became a Mercenary, wandering the land and fighting. He dreams of becoming a Knight. Upon visiting Ruli Island, some strange occurrence happens to him while on his first mission (this is where he gets his "Gathering" ability).


Kanan is the daughter of the Arganon family, the ruling family of the game's setting, Ruli Island. Her parents died in her youth, and Kanan now lives with her uncle, Count Arganon, in Ruli Castle. She's sealed away in the castle under the Count's supervision, but longs to travel the world.


Leader of Elza's mercenary group. He and Elza met in their youth and are like brothers. He has great trust from his fellow mercenaries.



The "mood maker" of Elza's mercenary group, Seiren makes use of dual swords. She's a heavy drinker and has a foul mouth, but she's kind and considerate of her friends.


He's the youngest of the mercenaries, but has great capabilities in battle where he makes use of flame magic. He doesn't talk much and is unsociable. He lost his father in his youth, and then his mother too.


Jackal is a mage who has the ability to control ice. While he behaves in a flirtatious and easy-going manner, he's actually a thinker and cares for his allies. In battle, he's an all rounder who can use both magic and swords.


Manamia is capable of using recovery magic. She has a philosophical way of speaking and gentle, motherly atmosphere, traits whose origins appear to lie in the secrets surrounding her birth and upbringing. She's a big eater.

General Trista

Trista was once the highest ranking officer in the imperial army and was the embodiment of the ideals of chivalry. Through his first hand experience with the tragedy of war, he quickly came to understand the relation between war and the devastation of the land.

Count Arganan

For generations, the Arganan family have been in charge of the defense and communication at Ruli Island, where the game takes place. The Count is the current head of the family, and is the most powerful man on the entire island. An ingenious man, overflowing with ambition, he is also the employer of Quark's Mercenary Group in the game.

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benao87 (on 15 December 2010)

I want this game, so bad.

Vueguy (on 14 December 2010)

wow, nice artworks drawing!!!!!!! Wii always got the better ROG games hehehehe.

FinalEvangelion (on 14 December 2010)

So Kanan = Garnet? It's stereotypical, but FF9 was too. FF9 was one of my favorite games ever, though.

Vas-y (on 14 December 2010)

The main character has lost his parents, wants to be a mighty knight and some strange occurrence is happening on his first mission. Looks like a fresh and completely new interpretation of JRPGS xD...

xdghtfku (on 14 December 2010)

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NoirSon (on 14 December 2010)

General Trista sounds like he will be a secret character, the final boss or both.

menx64 (on 14 December 2010)

@IxisNaugus... Same here...

IxisNaugus (on 13 December 2010)

Kanan is simply the epitome of beauty. Just look at her; she is rivaled by few in class, elegance and grace. I love her.

Thechalkblock (on 13 December 2010)

The JRPG stereotypes are already shining through... It looks great though.

Areym (on 13 December 2010)

Quark and Jackal look beastly. Yuris on the other hand...What is it with anime RPGs and guys with open shirts?

Pavolink (on 13 December 2010)

Kanan :D

SaviorX (on 13 December 2010)

I'm very interested in this story... Half the characters have lost their parents or entire family. Hopefully the story delves into how all this loss affects them, rather than just being some bullet point to give them a background.

Cheddarchet (on 13 December 2010)

Some pretty great art, but we already knew that. :D

Gamerace (on 13 December 2010)

The game continues to impress. Interesting cast and good art direction. Now if only we'd get some confirmation of it coming outside of Japan. Hopefully on Dec 27th.

guiduc (on 13 December 2010)

#4 picture hello babe!!!! :D I hope this game gets the love it deserves. It looks awesome.

Christian973 (on 13 December 2010)

Kanan has to be one of the most prettiest heroines i have ever seen in an RPG.

Iveyboi (on 13 December 2010)

I am getting hyped for this game more and more. Hopefully will not be like Arc Rise Fantasia and disapoint me :(

pariz (on 13 December 2010)

Same as ghost_of_fazz

cromeros (on 13 December 2010)


ghost_of_fazz (on 13 December 2010)

So pretty, I specially like Kanan and Manamia

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