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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 25 October 2010 / 91,027 Views

To finish off “Fallout Week” here on gamrFeed, I thought we should take a look at one of the more popular aspects of Fallout 3, the modifications that the lovely PC community has made for it.  Whether these mods exist to change the gameplay completely or accentuate an already awesome part of the game, you have to give these guys credit for the use of precious free time!  These are in no particular order.    


Fallout 3 - J3Xified Drivable Motorcycle Mod


Ever wish that you could travel the wasteland in a bit more style than just your haggard old boots?  A modder named J3X put together a mod that ads customizable motorcycles to the mix.  Oh and not just any motorcycle, but one with various mini-guns strapped to it!  Check this out to see the mod in action:



“More Where That Came From”


In any game where music plays a large part in the overall setting there is always a chance that the limited soundtrack will eventually grate on you to the point of insanity.  Luckily a modder named “old man Mose” threw together a way to alleviate this.  The mod, "More Where That Came From" adds between 20 and 100 new songs to Three Dog's Playlist, all from public domain and of the era that the rest of the music comes from.  Not only will you not hate hearing the radio come on, but you might gain an appreciation of post World War II era music! 



Terminator Mod “Cybernetic Dawn”

If you ever wanted a little more “governator” in your Fallout 3, Cybernetc Dawn might be a mod to search out.  The mod basically adds a bunch of Skynet and Resistance assets to the game, essentially turning it into the world from the Terminator movies.  Check this out!




Enhanced Weather Mod


If you have ever become tired of seeing the game through a blurry green tinted lens, and would like a bit more variety to everything, this weather mod might be worth checking out.  Not only can you see things like a beautiful sunset or heavy rain, but you can re-enact all of your favorite scenes from The Empire Strikes Back in the snow. 




“Lightsaber” Mods


Speaking of Star Wars, what would any modding scene be with at least one “lightsaber mod”.  There are literally tons of different competing mods out there for this, so here is one of the better videos I could find:


Coyote Reflex Armor


There are tons of armor and weapon mods out there, but one of the more useful creations is this big guy.  Dubbed “Coyote Reflex Armor” this bascically turns your character into something like the “ninja” from the Metal Gear series.  Not only are you quicker and more agile, but you can cloak yourself.



Fallout Wanderers Edition”


It’s hard to write about this mod because it basically changes just about every aspect of the game.  It allows the gamer to increase the challenge of the game, the immersion of the game, and bring out the strength of all aspects of gameplay.  The FPS parts of the game are more in line with something you’d see in the hardcore FPS genre, and the RPG elements are a bit more fully realized.  Check it out in action:




Enclave Commander / TCS Commander


Ever wanted a group of hired goons that could show up from nowhere and give you support?  That’s exactly what these mods do.  Either being in charge of the Enclave or a UFO full of aliens, many sticky situations can be thwarted. 



Increased Level Cap Mod


This one is pretty self explanatory.  There are a number of these out there, most of which will raise the games level to something like 100.  For those that want to lose themselves forever in this game, this might be a good option. 


Exaggerated Deaths / Human Catapult


Ever wonder what it would be like to be super powered in a desert wasteland?  These two mods answer that question ten-fold.  These are both pretty hilarious, so I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.




 Join us again next week for another Top Ten!

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tensen1212 (on 28 October 2010)

this is why pc gaming owns

Saintdante (on 26 October 2010)

I love the Coyote Reflex armor I use it all the time when I play a stealth character.

SSDNINJA (on 25 October 2010)

My favorite mod was the one that came with the game as a surprise. You know the one where the game gets stuck at the teleporter to the bridge in Mothership Zeta and makes you stuck unless you have a save file outside the ship? Yeah, that one is my favorite

nsimberg (on 25 October 2010)

Diggin' that Wanderer mod. I wish F3 "felt" more like this sometimes, and less like Oblivion. I already played Oblivion. :/