Gallery: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword New Screenshots

by Gabriel Franco, posted on 29 September 2010 / 4,247 Views

Nintendo released today five new screenshots for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The game will hit the store shelves in 2011. In one of the screenhots you can see a new area of the game, presumably the Death Mountain/Fire Temple level.

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Squeakthedragon (on 30 September 2010)

Can't get people who think Link looks just like TP Link. First, any somewhat realistic adult Link is gonna look similar unless his character design is drastically altered. Second, SS Link, besides having totally different pants, is shaded and modeled quite differently than the TP / Smash Brawl Link. The cel or "colored marker" look to him creates a much warmer and more organic character compared to the dry, muddy Link from TP. Nintendo's only real mistake so far with presenting SS is that they haven't given us a trailer that demonstrates the game world being a new place with cohesive vistas and themes. Tons of people came away from the E3 demonstration thinking the quick and dirty arena is indicative of the real game world. It wasn't. It was a level put together to show off the combat and item mechanics. They should have had a better trailer running on the show floor to back up the demo. Should have released a better trailer by this point, at the latest press event in Japan. I agree this game will probably be pushed back to christmas 2011.

Nintendogamer (on 30 September 2010)

I hate it when people complain about the visuals, they look fab, anyone that liked wind waker shoudle give this a try, and everyone should know that Link is ambidextrous.

ZechsMerquise (on 30 September 2010)

Still not sure whether I like the look of this. I think it might be one of those games which looks much better in motion than in screen shots. Some of it looks great, other bits look slightly ropey at the moment. And the HUD is massive! I hope there is an option to shrink it!

kazadoom (on 30 September 2010)

I can't wait for this game, I hope they packed in the new remote plus with this.

Rainbird (on 30 September 2010)

I hope they do something about the HUD, it's huge! O_o

The Ghost of RubangB (on 29 September 2010)

He's using the sword and whip with his right hand, but he's using the slingshot with his left hand! What does it mean?

Severance (on 29 September 2010)

this is the same link as the one from TP ? , hes right handed not left handed.

Cheebee (on 29 September 2010)

I hope they'll fix the low-res low-poly environments... The plants and trees especially look pretty awful. :-( The characters look great, though, as do things like the lighting and special effects.

pokeclaudel (on 29 September 2010)

I really wish he didn't look exactly like TP Link. I'm just not impressed by the looks or the way it played from the e3 demo at all. Hope the next trailer will convince me.

miz1q2w3e (on 29 September 2010)

Not impressed!! same as E3 demo + no improvement + wasn't really that impressed to begin with = not impressed at all :(

DavidValbu (on 29 September 2010)

Those screenshots are from the gameplay showed at E3. Nothing new. When are they going to show a new trailer? Thumbs up those who think Zelda SS is ging to be pushed back to chritsmas 2011.

wfz (on 29 September 2010)

The problem with TP was that while it was an amazing Adventure game, it wasn't a "Zelda" adventure game. It lacked the legend, the mystifying surreal aspect Zelda games hold. From the scenery to the temples to the characters, it was just a bland adventure game. A goddamn good adventure game in every aspect, but lacking the true essence of what made Zelda, Zelda. (this is all in my opinion) I really really really really hope SS brings back the magic. (hahah, I didn't realize it until just now, but pun intended I guess. ^_^ )

hagelt18 (on 29 September 2010)

I'm about ready for a new Zelda game. Hopefully it is more memorable than Twilight Princess...which did have it's great moments and features. It just didn't have the "magic" that Wind Waker and the N64 titles had.

kopstudent89 (on 29 September 2010)

ooo... early days though

Toddifer (on 29 September 2010)


Ninpanda (on 29 September 2010)

Eh, generic lava dungeon is generic. I still think the game looks nice, though.

Majin-Tenshinhan (on 29 September 2010)

Awesome. :D