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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 18 September 2010 / 43,803 Views

One of the fun things to do in any Halo game is to try to find as many Easter eggs as you can.  An Easter Egg, for those unaware, is a term for any sort of digital in-joke, hidden item, or secret found in a piece of media.  Fans of the series have taken great lengths to find these and have chronicled all of their exploits on various websites including YouTube.  I scoured these videos and found what I feel are the ten best ones.  These are in no particular order, and include only items from before Halo: Reach, so don't worry about spoilers.

Literal "Easter eggs"

Halo 3


What a better way to start this list than to list some actual Easter eggs.  On a few Halo 3 multiplayer maps including Sandbox and Sandtrap¯, spherical objects have been found. These obviously resemble wildly decorated Easter eggs or even some kind of decoding sphere, which has led them to also be called Da Vinci eggs.  These eggs are actually objects that are not intended to be found, and are colored the way they are as a marker for where the color map should be placed.  These glitched "eggs" have caused folks to dream up all manner of origin stories despite the somewhat lame answer.   Here is a vid of these guys in action:


Food Nipple Grunt¯

Halo: Combat Evolved


In the original game, Halo: Combat Evolved, one can find a pretty funny character towards the end of the final level.  To find this scene keep on the lookout for a hidden tunnel on the right side of the screen, just after the bridge where you see FoeHammer get shot down.  Hang a few rights and you will see a pile of Flood corpses.  Amidst the carnage is a solitary Special Ops grunt that is still alive. He will stand there until you approach, then say:

"I hope the food nipple is waiting for me at the starship cause man I've worked up a big, grunty, thirst!"


Here is a video of the scene:


Marty the Dancing Guy

Halo 3: ODST


For another weird, yet funny scene we have to look no further than Halo 3: ODST.  On Kikowani Station, on legendary mode only, approach the third large open area and kill the entire group of Covenant.  Turn around and approach the door you just entered and hang a left to face a wall.  Ride the wall until you reach a gap in it, and dismount your Banshee.  On the right there should be a ledge which you should to follow until you see a square shaped platform.  Jump on it and turn your back to the wall.  All of the sudden an old friend named Marty pops up with a dance for you.  Marty is a reference to Martin "Marty" O'Donnell, the musical composer for the original Halo trilogy and Halo 3: ODST.  Here is a video of Marty "bustin' a move:"


"Siege of Madrigal" music

Halo: Combat Evolved


On the Assault on the Control Room level in the first game there are a number of places you can stand to hear this soft relaxing tune.  The easiest one can be found on the pyramid shaped structure at the end of the level. There are three U-shaped brackets on the large tower above the control room entrance. To get there just steal a banshee and head up there.  After landing face the Cliffside and move to the right very slowly, heading towards the downward slope in the bracket.  The song you hear is one of the songs in Bungie's previous game Myth called "Siege of Madrigal."  Here is a video:   



The song also appears in just about all Halo games at some point.




Just about all Halo games have odd faces hidden in every inch of the game.  Whether it be a man in the moon, a face in the clouds, or a face in rocks, always be on the lookout:

These are usually images of the staffers over at Bungie.

Mario Death¯ Yell

Halo 2


In a few areas of various games one can get themselves into situations of certain doom that cause the character to yell out in a similar manner to Mario in the newer 3D Mario adventures.  Here is a video:



Halo 3


To find the Cavemanfamily one has to go past the point where Sergeant Major Avery Johnson says his Pelican was shot down. Enter the jungle and stick to the left wall. You will have to climb over some rocks, jump over a giant rock in the way, and then crouch under a tight ledge to find their humble abode.  The Cavemen themselves are nothing more than the body of a monkey with Marcus Lehto's (art director for Bungie) face on them.   Here is a video:



Halo 3


When he's not burninating the countryside everyone's favorite muscle-bound dragon from fan-favorite website Homestar Runner apparently spends his time hanging out on Chinese food boxes:


Urinating brute

Halo 3


Toilet Humor is always a good thing to make anyone chuckle.  Aside from Metal Gear Solid, no game has a goofier instance of this brand of joke than Halo 3.  When you reach the room with sleeping Grunts, continue further towards the back of the room and there is a Brute urinating in a corner:


Extra Cutscenes



If you finish The Maw on Legendary in the original game, you'll notice a bonus cutscene of Johnson and an Elite hugging.  This started a new trend where Bungie splices in extra scenes depending on the level of difficulty you are playing the game on.  Here is an example: 





There you have it, tune in next week for another Top Ten list!

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jozanovic (on 20 September 2010)

Not sure if this is an Easter egg, but when playing Halo 3 co-op on legendary with a buddy, we killed a bunch of brutes and the last surviving one screamed out "He Was My Lover!"

BenVTrigger (on 19 September 2010)

yeah the grunt at the end of Halo 3 is awesome and hilarious. And mean as hell. He is commonly called the Jerk Store Grunt. Awesome list though!

yo_john117 (on 19 September 2010)

Haha the halo easter eggs are pretty hilarious

sl4y3r999 (on 19 September 2010)

Aww I was hoping for the abusive grunt to be on here from halo 3 lol. Hes on the last level to the right of where you jump into the ship.

SecondWar (on 19 September 2010)

Im pretty sure its the thirsty grunt and not the 'food nipple' grunt

Severance (on 19 September 2010)

i've always loved easter eggs, i only known about the Siege of Madrigal though.