GameStop Doesn't Reeeally Want Your PSPgo

by Carlos Macias, posted on 10 August 2010 / 3,312 Views

The mega-mart for all things gaming, GameStop, would love to buy any and all games and accessories that you have on hand. All of it at the lowest purchase price to turn it around and mark it up enough to create a nice, profitable margin.

If you're not trying to sell them back a PSPgo, that is. The following screen cap (from Cheap Ass Gamer) shows a clear disdain for the system as it is excluded from a recent promotional ad GameStop ran:

Now, don't panic. If you made the bold decision to buy a PSPgo last year and were thinking of trading it in, the ad doesn't say you can't trade it in. Just that, you know, GameStop doesn't want it enough to give you extra cash money for it.

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aaasss555 (on 12 August 2010) low.....

cmeese47 (on 11 August 2010)

PSP GO is unwanted because it is not easy to go steal 60 games for it and I think that is a shame.

Mojo (on 11 August 2010)

First the gamers didn't want it, now the game sellers don't want it :)

oni-link (on 11 August 2010)

I don't blame them I don't want mine either :(

mike_intellivision (on 11 August 2010)

It is all supply-and-demand. There is no demand -- so Gamestop is not going to increase supply. Mike from Morgantown

Mr Puggsly (on 11 August 2010)

Well nobody buys them new. Who wants to buy one used?

Rawnchie14 (on 10 August 2010)

Because the PSPGo - goes against everything GameStop stands for selling used games.

FreeTalkLive (on 10 August 2010)

The extra $20 credit add part of the article seems to disagree with your joke, "All of it at the lowest purchase price."

Beuli2 (on 10 August 2010)

lol XD

leo-j (on 10 August 2010)

yep, so im goign to trade in one of my old PSPs and get $20!

Kynes (on 10 August 2010)

The PSPgo doesn't help Gamestop sell used or new games.

kain_kusanagi (on 10 August 2010)

The PSPgo doesn't help Gamestop sell used games. Simple as that.

almcchesney (on 10 August 2010)

all the trade in specials have been that way