VGChartz Has Evolved!

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 01 June 2010 / 1,609 Views

Welcome to the new VGChartz Network! We are always striving to create a better experience for our users and we think you'll really love what we've done. The VGChartz Network includes 4 websites, each one specializing in a specific area of gaming: VGChartz, gamrFeed, gamrReview, and gamrConnect. All four websites are easily accessible through tabs found at the top of every page.

Why did we change it up?
Different people want different content. In the old design, we crammed all of our content onto one page. It was cluttered, cramped and overwhelming. With our new direction, you can focus on what you love about VGChartz.

VGChartz is still the most comprehensive video game sales data in the world. Everything on VGChartz is sales related: the news articles, the forum posts and of course the charts.

  • New simple design that gives you numbers and nothing else.
  • Hardware/Software updates are now announced on the main page.
  • We have archived our software pre-order charts.
  • The all new Buzz Index lists the the most anticipated games worldwide based on the interest levels of the VGChartz community.
  • The all new Milestone feature lets you know which games reached specific sales milestones the fastest.

gamrFeed is the only gaming news blog you'll ever need. Our editors work around the clock to bring you the latest news, exclusive features, and editorials.
  • Beautiful new design that puts news front and center.
  • Filter the news any way you'd like.
  • Improved news search.
  • View news in expanded or condensed mode. 
  • View the hottest stories.
  • Our original features are now archived and easier to access.

gamrReview is a gaming magazine, featuring exclusive coverage of all the biggest games.
  • Read our latest game reviews and previews.
  • Browse our game database, which is kept up to date with all the latest reviews, release dates, screenshots, details, cheats, and more.
  • Check out the latest upcoming releases, the top rated games on record, and the hottest games of the moment.

gamrConnect is a massive gaming community with over 60,000 members. Join our thriving community as we discuss everything related to gaming.
  • Full access to all VGChartz Network sites and the ability to comment on news stories and reviews.
  • Access to the gamrConnect community forums with the ability to comment on threads and start your own discussions.
  • Create the ultimate user profile - update your status and interact with your friends.
  • Build the ultimate game collection to show off to your friends, rate the games you own.
  • Earn points from interactions and submissions to the VGChartz Network which can be traded for features and prizes.
  • Personalised activity feed of what is going on within your circle of friends.

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IvorEvilen (on 02 June 2010)

"With our new direction, you can focus on what you love about VGChartz." I liked the old crammed design because it allowed me to see everything interesting within the past 24 hours without much navigation... and there was still less on one page then at any other website :(.... I feel forgotten.

DRlaith (on 02 June 2010)

Congrats :) its a nice new layout but i hope you guys bring back the seperate forms their colors, i mean red for ps3 green for xbox ect.

Final-Fan (on 01 June 2010)

I can understand why you went with the hub: I'm guessing you felt you couldn't cram anything more into the main page and so splitting into four main pages gives you room to grow. But the forum feels like a clone of those social network sites now. Ugh! And ... well, I'll see you at Kantor's thread.

Rawrizard (on 01 June 2010)

I like it quite a bit. Will take some time getting used to obviously but overall I think it's pretty sweet.

okr (on 01 June 2010)

Great job, thank you ioi & team. I like the new design, but I wished the forums would have a dark background with white text, just like this news site here. I appreciate this new gamrConnect points system which rewards actual work on the site (boxarts, banners...) more than forum posts. :-)

blazinhead89 (on 01 June 2010)

Will take getting used to

superchunk (on 01 June 2010)

oohhh, forgot to say, that overall its good, I like the direction.

superchunk (on 01 June 2010)

PLEASE read through the complaints/suggestions thread like you did for VGC2.0 There are a lot of good ideas there.

sabestar (on 01 June 2010)

I just logged in and I feel lost lol, but I guess it'll take some time getting used to it.

Deano (on 01 June 2010)

@nubala If you click condensed view just below the console filters it shortens the height of stories ;)

Dand (on 01 June 2010)

The design is good, but it need some colors, mainly in the forum.

PureDante (on 01 June 2010)

It's a great revision, but...I'm so lost. q_q

Radziel (on 01 June 2010)

wow... I see it will take me quite some time to get used to that design :

nubala (on 01 June 2010)

I cant say I like the new setup... The Gamrfeed page is too long, having to scroll that far down is a bit of a hassle... I like the style though... I just wish we could have one main page...

Chairman-Mao (on 01 June 2010)

I like the new look. Good work guys. The old site was getting really cluttered with news/forums/sales all on the main page. This is much better.

Acevil (on 01 June 2010)

Much more professional, somewhat confusing still, but awesome nonetheless.

mysticwolf (on 01 June 2010)

I agree with StokedUp. I really liked having the threads highlighted if there are new posts.

StokedUp (on 01 June 2010)

im struggling surfing around the new designed website. i think that it'll grow on me, but i am really struggling with it, especailly the forums, Wheres hot topics? wheres you recent forum threads youve posted on and the ones which are highlighted if there have been recent posts that you havent read?

Salnax (on 01 June 2010)

Its a cool change, though I didn't see anything wrong with the old design.

mysticwolf (on 01 June 2010)

Ooh, I love the new look of the user profiles.

mysticwolf (on 01 June 2010)

Sweet. Can't wait to check it out.

homer (on 01 June 2010)

I actually just posted that I dislike this site design but after about ten minutes I have gotten used to it.I just hate change. It also feels like I am on gamespot now.

JerCotter7 (on 01 June 2010)

Make something simple to something useless. Don't even know if I can use the site anymore since I don't really want to go through 3 different sites to find stuff. Prob just one visit to the sales part on a Saturday and that's it.

quarashi (on 01 June 2010)

It's alright. The very first page isn't bad. I mean I really only come for the actual charts and the news feed anymore.

Siko1989 (on 01 June 2010)

i hated the new site at first but im starting to like it i guess i still dont know where to search for a game to find out the sales though, heres my opinion on it, i reckon the vgchartz area needs some colour though its to white lol... in the "Recent Forum Posts" its to bland i want it back the way it was so i can tell what topic it is you know the red, blue and green and orange words to represent the console or gaming

rendo (on 01 June 2010)

Not a fan of all of this either. Will just keep me doing less and less on the site, which I have been for awhile now.

Siko1989 (on 01 June 2010)

i think its sucks, its to hard to use.. i mean where the hell do you go and find search a game sale?

Mojo (on 01 June 2010)

I thought the fact that everything was on one page was what made this site so good. All of the information was easily at my finger tips. Now this decentralized setup makes it more difficult to find what I want. With all due respect to all the hard work I'm sure went into this new site, I do not like it at all.

ivo (on 01 June 2010)

i really dislike it. sorry, this was my favorite site, with everything in one screen. now it is 4 sites you have to wade through. I do prefer the option with everything under one site.

Silver-Tiger (on 01 June 2010)

I like.

darthdevidem01 (on 01 June 2010)

It has & this news site looks phenomenol BTWQ

Solid_Snake4RD (on 01 June 2010)

the new setup is all good and all but it has totally separated all the VGC stuff something like having your homepage with whatever widgets and content you like from the site should be there for the users

dystopia (on 01 June 2010)

I like the new setup a lot more the the previous incarnations of the site, I always came to VGChartz for the charts and the forums, and while that may still be the same at least the site looks professional now, before it did not.

Escherichia (on 01 June 2010)

Nice new look, only problem is I'm totally lost. I'm thinking the homepage needs to be a bit more unifying.

kanjitech18 (on 01 June 2010)

Uhh...Thanks for freaking me out at first. Still looks pretty good. Pre order charts? Gimme!