Black Ops Predicted to Sell More Than 10 Million Units

by Gali Slevin, posted on 29 May 2010 / 15,567 Views

The Call of Duty franchise is known for being a huge money maker especially when Infinity Ward is at the helm. Treyarch usually is seen as riding the coat tail's of bigger Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare. Although Treyarch's own World at War didn't disappoint when it came to sales it still didn't stack up to say, Modern Warfare 2. Though after the explosive new Black Ops trailer debuted and got fans all excited again for another Call of Duty game, research groups have started to take note and make predictions.

Cowen & Company expects the game to sell over 10.7 million units within the first year after release. This might not be too off the mark as GameStop and Amazon's pre-order chart's already have the game with in the top 10.

"This is a very impressive display of strength and we believe the title is headed for a better comparison versus last year’s Modern Warfare 2 than we had originally assumed... We are increasing our estimate for the franchise from a -29 per cent year on year unit decline to a -17 per cent year on year decline.” Stated analyst Doug Creutz.

“We believe our revised estimate could still prove conservative, and note that a strong performance by the Treyarch-developed Black Ops would help combat the notion that the departure of key Infinity Ward talent could permanently impair the Call of Duty franchise."

Who knows, maybe Treyarch will actually be able to best Infinity Ward at their own game (pun intended).

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Feldman_Oten (on 04 June 2010)

I think i'll stick with Battlefield Bad Company 2 since it trumps every single COD game made, this one included, already.

npbeersy (on 02 June 2010)

Though this probably won't be much different from other COD efforts, I think it will sell well. 10 million wouldn't surprise me. The games are entertaining and have good multiplayer. I will be picking this up in November.

SaviorX (on 01 June 2010)

I think it will achieve this easily. 8.6 million split between the 360 and PS3 55%/45% with the Wii and PC making up the other 2.1 million.

Killergran (on 01 June 2010)

Sales won't be as high as Modern Warfare 2. Guaranteed. But it will definitely shoot over 10 million.

loadedstatement (on 31 May 2010)

Not surprised. I'll be one!

iinglish (on 31 May 2010)

While i'm not a flamer or hater of infinti ward's modern warfare, i've never been a fan of Treyarch- that said 10mil is a stretch even across all platforms-but i feel sorry for the ROBOTS AND SHEEP that goes out and buy that game-I know I won't be one.

Baalzamon (on 31 May 2010)

I honestly think with the new MoH, that franchise will renew itself, and then flood market, and then fall, but sitll be good

thedaftman (on 31 May 2010)

i hope this franchise dies =) waiting on MoH though

Theo (on 31 May 2010)

Nah, I don't think so. Any reason why it'll sell this much? 6 to 8 million across all platforms sounds more reasonable.

1337 Gamer (on 31 May 2010)

I doubt it will sell that much.

V-r0cK (on 31 May 2010)

Incorporate alot and new zombie features when game launches and it'll hit 10 million easily

WigPoo (on 31 May 2010)

INcredible. Must be nice having truck loads of cash laying around. Lou

the_lonely_gamer_123 (on 31 May 2010)

I don't care about COD, but I think they are right

evilronnie42 (on 31 May 2010)

think i'll wait till its on the bargain bin since the series has been going worse after cod 2-3, even the nazi zombies looked more like possessed souls aka wolfenstein

goldingku (on 31 May 2010)

Should be fun

reggin_bolas (on 31 May 2010)

Still haven't bought Modern Yawnfare 2. I'm done with Cod forever.

Dragonred385 (on 31 May 2010)

I just pre-ordered Call of Duty 21: Revolutionary War and Call of Duty 22: War of 1812, can't wait for these games, there gonna be awesome, just like the other 5,000 CoD games.

Hradekal (on 31 May 2010)

I'm not buyin it.

jamesmarkus87 (on 30 May 2010)

Now that Infinity Ward's gone, I'm pretty sure that Call of Duty will sell less with each consecutive release. Eventually, it will be about as popular as the Tony Hawk games currently are.

EyeAmTJ (on 30 May 2010)

I'll pass...I'm done supporting Activision I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be a sheep an purchase this or others games associated with them

Kantor (on 30 May 2010)

I think it can manage it, on the back of Modern Warfare 2. Sales will probably start to decline, though.

CaptainDJ (on 30 May 2010)

I'm staying away from this game only because I don't like Treyarch. All they do is copy and paste.

Lyrikalstylez (on 30 May 2010)

I consider these 10 million as victims of gaming.....I mean COD sux

Tuganuno (on 30 May 2010)

XD Mythe This was obvious... WaW sold more than 10 million just in the HD twins. Besides, the name sells. I'd go further and say >15millions for this title on all platforms.

H.M.Roman (on 30 May 2010)

Oh Oh! I predict that the next Mario Kart will sell atleast 10.700.001 copies in its first year!

Mythe (on 30 May 2010)

I say we don't buy the game and prove them wrong. Just to be jerks =p

primogen18 (on 30 May 2010)

already pre-ordered this game for wii, hope to see it get in the pre-order charts like the others.

Baalzamon (on 30 May 2010)

madden like strategy? Could you please explain what you mean by this. After all, you could have said, any sports game strategy, couldn't you have? It wouldn't be right at all for a sports game to skip every other year.

GrotesqueOne (on 30 May 2010)

good sales or not, this game is gonna be better than any modern warefare

zibeddy (on 30 May 2010)

10 mil sounds about right, lets not forget zombies, kids love zombies but if they bring tactical insertion from mw2 then they can keep thier game.

zgamer5 (on 30 May 2010)

i hope this game fails, their will be competition this year, and when peopel see that their are much better games they wont be getting htis

c0rd (on 30 May 2010)

Enjoy it while it lasts, Acti. I see this being the last 10 million selling non-Modern Warfare CoD.

oldschoolfool (on 30 May 2010)

I pretty much stopped playing modern warfare2,so I'll more than likely get this when it comes out.

Fonzerelli (on 30 May 2010)

Black Ops is also coming out for the Wii so expect the sales to get a major bump.

haxxiy (on 30 May 2010)

Well that's a given. I think it will fall short from MW1 numbers. I just wish COD games were released just every two years.

ocean-1984 (on 30 May 2010)

wow ActiVision, more COD Is it because fans, or just to make money before they do with it what they did with Tony Hawk

kiefer23 (on 30 May 2010)

Wow, no shit. I predict Halo Reach and Gran Turismo 5 will sell over 1 mill first week!

BulletProof (on 30 May 2010)

Is it Modern Warfare? Nope. But its probably gonna sell more than 10 million just like World at War did.

Kai Master (on 30 May 2010)

stupid news, it can sell at least 13 million, maybe up to 24 millions if it is considered better than MW2 and hyped enough.

fallen (on 30 May 2010)

I dont even care about this, but my buddy's all "did you see that amazing black ops trailer???" a couple weeks ago. And he doesnt watch video game trailers. Basically, this is gonna be huge with the casuals. Also, is there a place you can look at the Amazon pre order chart?

jneul (on 30 May 2010)

Activision will be loving the $$ without a doubt

down-down-down-down- (on 30 May 2010)

of course it will sell over 10 million modern warfere 2 sales close to 20 million (with PC sales)

C_Hollomon (on 30 May 2010)

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know this.

Chairman-Mao (on 30 May 2010)

Lifetime across all consoles it probably will. I could see it doing like 7 million on 360, 5 million on PS3 and 1 million on Wii

tingyu (on 30 May 2010)

So to get good sales, you simply have to explode again, again and again

KingFate (on 30 May 2010)

This is indeed a very bold statement. >.>

Lurker (on 30 May 2010)

COD is the madden of FPS. People are dumb.

tio_coyote (on 30 May 2010)

Peple pls stop buying this COD games, theve been using the same engine since COD 2!!! And people keep buyig them!! activision thinks gamers are dumb or somethinghe last cod game i got was COD 4, later i just realize how Activision was milking the franchise and getting rich with a madden like strategy. sigh...

Yakuzaice (on 30 May 2010)

Are they just estimating US sales? Even then a 17% decline seems a little too low. That would be 12.9 million for the first year. It is already at 11.5 million with another 5.5 months to go, plus PC sales. A little closer if you then adjust the numbers for the US only though.

Baalzamon (on 30 May 2010)

Yea, it probably will burst, but what is next? Obviously SC2 will have massive sales, but that's kinda a thing that won't come again for a long time if ever.

tripleb2k (on 29 May 2010)

well DUH! combining sales of PS3 and 360, sales will be WELL over 10 million sales.

kain_kusanagi (on 29 May 2010)

Halo 3 sold over 10 million, I wonder how much Halo Reach would sell if it was on every platform.

curl-6 (on 29 May 2010)

"But still this Call of Duty bubble is going to burst soon." Agreed. Look what happened with Guitar Hero once Activision's molking went too far. I don't see COD crashing overnight, but it's probably already peaked in sales with MW2.

Barozi (on 29 May 2010)

no biggie

Pretendo (on 29 May 2010)

Between all 4 versions it should easily.

Gilgamesh (on 29 May 2010)

Across PS3/X360/PC that shouldn't be to hard. But still this Call of Duty bubble is going to burst soon.