Confirmed: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 And B.C Rearmed 2 In Development

by Christian Witka, posted on 17 April 2010 / 14,214 Views

Over the past few days Capcom has been hosting the Captivate press event in Hawaii. The people present were surely surfing in joy, as they got the first look on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, confirming the rumors that Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was being developed.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 will be playable at this year's E3. The confirmed characters so far are Wolverine, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Magneto and Storm, and many other characters are confirmed to come back. Capcom says they "will be blowing fans out of the water with the sheer number of characters this game includes (on the disc)". Yes, you heard it, the game will be released on disc, and it's going to be high-resolution mindless fighting.

Furthermore, the gameplay will be 2D, with 3D graphics just like Street Fighter 4, and the game will contain many unlockables. It's rumored to be released in late 2010 or early 2011 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with no plans for other consoles so far.

Unfortunately, there weren't any leaked details on Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, but more information about both games, videos and screenshots are rumored to be available next week.


Source: Planet Xbox 360 (Via Event Hubs)

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Feldman_Oten (on 21 April 2010)

The initial statement was we'd be surprised at the amount of characters, well according to this article we are, only 30?

Goddbless (on 19 April 2010)

OMG I can't wait!

oni-link (on 19 April 2010)

probably the same ppl who did Dark Void!!! LOL :P

IronGuy410 (on 19 April 2010)

Not that I'm not into the whole 2.5D thing from Street Fighter, but I've kinda gotten used to 2D in the Versus series. They should make it HD 2D like in BlazBlue. Also, hasn't GRIN, the developer of the first bionic commando rearmed, shut down for good? Who's gonna develop the second game?

The Fury (on 19 April 2010)

After recently getting MvC2 on PSN, I am really excited for this, as long as they keep it 2D. Keep all character that are already there and get to the task of adding loads more. So many important Marvel characters are missing. Thor, Loki, all the Fantastic Four, some X-men, a lot of Avengers (not sure which will work though). Capcom have a load of new franchises too. Devil May Cry for one.

The Fury (on 19 April 2010)

@oniyide Activision has done the Marvel games since before Marvel Vs Capcom 2. So probably the same reason. Whatever that is contract wise.

oni-link (on 19 April 2010)

@Bobbuffalo So far the Wii version of MvC 3 has not been denied yet. Seeing how successful TvC has been (330K copies between the original and westernized versions @ $50 a game); there is a good chance that Wii owners will be getting a port (direct SD version or not) of this game!!! At the moment it is only RUMORED for the HD systems and it would be foolish for Capcom to ignore the Wii and miss out on some sales. I wonder if Capcom will do a NamcoBandai and have an exclusive character to each version of the game? Let's say PS3 has Spiderman, X360 has the Hulk, and the Wii has Silver Surfer etc.

NoirSon (on 19 April 2010)

No Cable, no sale. AHVB4LYFE!!!!

Bobbuffalo (on 18 April 2010)

No wii? go to hell capcom. Go to hell >:(

oniyide (on 18 April 2010)

oh and RYU (Breath fo Fire) needs to be in it. and stop complaining about it not being on Wii. Just get a system that has the game, thats like complaining that Mario isnt on another system. If your to much of a fanboy, then just do without.

Burning Typhoon (on 18 April 2010)

GUYS... THOR, DEADPOOL, AND DANTE have been requested since the 1st ever constructed wishlist of mvc3.. They will ALL make it.. trust me.

oniyide (on 18 April 2010)

I'm curious to see how Mvs.C 3 got oked since Activision had the rights to Marvel games. Perhaps Disney might've stepped in. Yeah it might be the most unbalanced fighting game of all time, but who cares???

TanakaPrime (on 18 April 2010)

Let the unbalance fighting BEGIN!!! TvC: Zero + Tekkaman Blade = Oblivion Street Fighter 4: Ken...need i say more?

ClaudeLv250 (on 18 April 2010)

I was excited until I went to a couple of sites and it seems like Capcom didn't "confirm" anything.

bloodcrust (on 18 April 2010)

Deadpool is GARENTEED! because he so popular now.

halil23 (on 18 April 2010)

Please have Dante in MvC3, Capcom!!!

shinsa (on 18 April 2010)

MvC3!!! with SF4 2D/3D owwww sounds interesting. 2d sprites would have been nice but its understandable that they want to improve and explore different options. sooooo glad its for ps3/360 wii can always get MvC2 lol

Burning Typhoon (on 18 April 2010)

It's not that spites fail, it's just that it's cheaper, and faster to make 3D models.. And, why would you want to wait so long for MvC3 for sprites when you would have gotten the game either way? Make sense?

oni-link (on 18 April 2010)

If Capcom was smart they'd port this over to the Wii 300k-400k copies is STILL 300K-400K copies!!! Anyways it'll at least stop or silence all the pathetic whining and crying of many HD fanatics about not having TvC !!!!

Mr. sickVisionz (on 18 April 2010)

I'll still be buying it but no sprites is a major let down. It seems like Capcom is under the impression that sprites = fail by default. Arc and SNK are minuscule companies compared to Capcom but they can do HD sprites.

novasonic (on 18 April 2010)

Uh oh, I can see what will come of this.. "MvC3 sold better than TvC. Therefore Wii games don't sell."

gustave154 (on 18 April 2010)


DollarsAndSense (on 18 April 2010)

What's this? No MVC3 arcade cabinets? First I was like :) but then :((((((( I'll just wait and see if Capcom has anything else to add.

Games4Fun (on 18 April 2010)

Dang I was excited until I saw what current systems it is headed to.

frictionini (on 17 April 2010)

pls include scarlet witch with 1 hit kill

toMsonsLLC (on 17 April 2010)

MVC3 is gonna be kick ass!

trestres (on 17 April 2010)

I don't think any of these will be for the Wii. Looks like the Wii RE rumour was false.

mexitalrish (on 17 April 2010)

thank god. it's not like i haven't been waiting ten years for a mvc sequel. looking forward to it

Usul (on 17 April 2010)

Wow! These are awesome news! I really enjoyed BC Rearmed and was looking forward to a new 2D sequel! I was already expecting MvsC3, but it's great to see its development confirmed.

CDiablo (on 17 April 2010)

Today is a great day for gaming. Both are day 1 buys for me.

SHMUPGurus (on 17 April 2010)

BIONIC COMMANDO REARMED 2?! This must be a miracle or something!

PureDante (on 17 April 2010)

All I need is Dante to be in it.

sabestar (on 17 April 2010)

MvC3? I really ignored the rumors thinking it can't be real, seems like the XBL and PSN releases were quite profitable to convince Capcom to do a sequel after all this time. Anyhow, HELL YEEEAAAHHH!!!! BRING IT ON!!!

Barozi (on 17 April 2010)

Most anticipated beat'em up EVER !

sjhillsa (on 17 April 2010)

Great, really great stuff!

CGI-Quality (on 17 April 2010)

Ah snap now! MvC3?!

Cactus (on 17 April 2010)

If Phoenix Wright is in it, instant buy.

Darc Requiem (on 17 April 2010)

@Leatherhat I like HD Sprites, but that are too expensive and time consuming. Look at how long HD Remix took to develop and it doesn't have many animation frames. Look at KoF12 which was basically unfinished because they ran out of time and money or even BlazBlue which is well done but has small roster.

TX109 (on 17 April 2010)

god, i hope there is a wii version. if not, this may be the first game that i will want to buy a 360 for.

Ghutto (on 17 April 2010)

I have a 360. But I want a Wii version too.

teigaga (on 17 April 2010)

I hope the combat is a bit faster than SF4 and more fluent. They should try and get the combat as close to the SF4 teaser trailer as they possibly can. Why are they bothering with bionic commander when they have so many better franchises they could work on.

Maynard_Tool (on 17 April 2010)

Please wii version of Marvel vs capcom 3, please a wii version.... PLEASE!!!! and if not, a PS3 version. Just don´t let it be X360 exclusive. Not likely, but you never know

badgenome (on 17 April 2010)


qmoney88 (on 17 April 2010)

Holy hell yes, the gods have spoken!! I hope the speed and pace of mvc is retained while updating the graphics, other than that I cant freakin wait!

leatherhat (on 17 April 2010)

Thats cool but I hate 3D character models, they should stick with high res sprites like blazblue

homer (on 17 April 2010)

heck yeah

vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 17 April 2010)


Xen (on 17 April 2010)

Aw, dayum! (YES YES YES)

TripleRoxas (on 17 April 2010)

Wow MvC3 is going to be sweet!! Didn't they deny deny that they were making it for a long time?