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The Division 2 Title Update Lands Next Week

The Division 2 Title Update Lands Next Week - News

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted 5 days ago / 737 Views

A title update for The Division 2 will land next week, on October 15th, and will include plenty of game improvements. Year 1 pass holders and UPLAY+ subscribers will be able to enjoy a couple of classified assignments too.

Here's what else is in the whimsically named title update 6:

Two New Main Missions - Available for Year 1 Pass holders and UPLAY+ subscribers on October 15th (October 22nd for all players).

Pentagon - Players will have to break into a Pentagon filled with Black Tusk forces, in order to extract a reactor.

DARPA Research Labs - Delve once more into the Pentagon, this time into the DARPA Labs, where Black Tusk forces are transporting something through an abandoned Cold War tunnel network.

Technician Specialisation:

UPLAY + and Year 1 subscribers will instantly have access to the Technician specialisation. If you have neither of these you'll have to unlock it through a series of objectives. The technician is equipped with a P-017 launcher, a missile launcher that can lock onto 6 enemies at once. A Maxim 9 side arm, Artificer Hive skill variant, and EMP grenade.

New Conflict PVP Mode:

This new mode pits teams of 4 players in a 7 round team deathmatch.

New Map:

The Wharf is an abandoned fishing harbour littered with flanking routes and raised positions for tactical advantages.

Ubisoft has also announced a free play weekend from October 17th-20th.

Finally, there will be a number of gameplay improvements and bug fixes:

  • Targeted Loot
  • Named Items overhauled
  • Crafting Changes
  • Recalibration Changes
  • Filled Brands
  • Inventory Management 2.0
  • Increased stash space
  • Rebalance of talents and weapons
  • Dark Zone Server Transfers
  • Updated Thieves’ Den Vendor
  • Dark Zone Supply Drops Changes
  • Occupied Dark Zone Ambushes
  • Normalization in Dark Zone changes
  • Conflict: Loadout Selection during map voting
  • Bonus armour visualization increased
  • Conflict: End of Match Rewards changes
  • Stored tutorials

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