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Bluepoint Games Working on A 'Big' PlayStation 5 Game, EA Developing PS5 Games

Bluepoint Games Working on A 'Big' PlayStation 5 Game, EA Developing PS5 Games - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 6 days ago / 1,330 Views

There has been blowout of information on the next generation PlayStation, the PlayStation 5, with the console launching in Holiday 2020. The PlayStation 5 will also feature a 4K Blu-ray player and allow players to download only parts of a game.

The president of Bluepoint Games Marco Thrush speaking with WIRED revealed the developer is working on a "big" game for the PlayStation 5. The developer recently worked on the remake of Shadow of the Colossus. 


"We're working on a big one right now," said Thrush. "I'll let you figure out the rest."

"The SSD has me really excited," he added. "You don't need to do gameplay hacks anymore to artificially slow players down—lock them behind doors, anything like that. Back in the cartridge days, games used to load instantly; we're kind of going back to what consoles used to be."

Electronic Arts chief studio officer Laura Miele revealed the publisher is also working on releasing games for the PlayStation 5.

"I could be really specific and talk about experimenting with ambient occlusion techniques, or the examination of ray-traced shadows," said Laura Miele. "More generally, we’re seeing the GPU be able to power machine learning for all sorts of really interesting advancements in the gameplay and other tools.

"We're stepping into the generation of immediacy. In mobile games, we expect a game to download in moments and to be just a few taps from jumping right in. Now we’re able to tackle that in a big way."

Stay tuned to VGChartz as more information on the PlayStation 5 becomes available.

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BraLoD (6 days ago)

Wasn't it a PS4 game? Are they working on 2 games or simply moved it to the PS5? Anyway, it's Demon's Souls, just announce it already.

Walbert (6 days ago)

Nothing EA related is exciting.

Liquid_faction (6 days ago)

"EA has declared bankruptcy, and has sold a majority of it's assets to Sony." - Idk about you, but if that ever news ever comes to fruition, that would be a exciting.

  • +8
SanAndreasX (6 days ago)

Goody. EA is using the power of the PS5 to bring us more advanced loot boxes, annual downgrades to Madden and FIFA, and legally grey gambling mechanics. Can't wait!

JRPGfan (6 days ago)

Its either Demon Souls, or BraLoD is the happiest man on earth :)

Zenos (6 days ago)

That EA reference to mobile games is chilling.

deskpro2k3 (6 days ago)

Developers really work hard to optimize the AMD components inside consoles, If only they do the same for AMD on PC.

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Random_Matt (6 days ago)

SSD has you excited? It's 2019 son.

  • -11
Radek (6 days ago)

Ryzen 3000 series, best mid-range GPU available, 16 GB of RAM, SSD, Gamepad etc. it's great value for most likely $499. There's reasons to be excited for PS5, also thanks to SSD being standard in next consoles games will be greater and PC will benefit from it as well.

  • +11
trunkswd (6 days ago)

SSD is a nice and welcome change. Even if it is 2019. Or 2020 when the PS5 launches.

  • +8
Cerebralbore101 (6 days ago)

I couldn't imagine building a PC without a decently sized SSD to hold my games. If PS5 didn't have one that would have been a huge deal. I like how they are patting themselves on the back for including something that should be standard in 2020.

  • +1
think-man (6 days ago)

I've been using an ssd on my ps4 since launch. But it's nice that the PS5 will have one.

  • +7