Rumor: PS5 to Officially be Unveiled in February 2020 - VGChartz
Rumor: PS5 to Officially be Unveiled in February 2020

Rumor: PS5 to Officially be Unveiled in February 2020 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 August 2019 / 2,338 Views

Sony could potentially be set to officially unveil their next generation console, likely called the PlayStation 5, at a PlayStation Meeting to be held on February 12, according to sources. 

Sony previously revealed some of the specs for the upcoming console, however, any concert details have yet to be announced. The PlayStation 5 will be using an AMD Ryzen CPU and contains eight cores of the company’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture, a GPU based on Radeon's Navi devices, and a solid-state drive. It will support ray tracing and 8K graphics. 

The source also claims Sony is investing more in the virtual reality market and tests on a PlayStation VR 2 have occurred. Marketing for the new VR headset is said to start before fiscal year 2021. 

As always this should be treated as a rumor until confirmed by official sources.

Thanks NeoGAF.

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estebxx (on 13 August 2019)

They also did a reveal on February 20th (if im not wrong) for the PS4, cant be sure if its true or not but i wouldnt be surprised if it was.

JON0 (on 13 August 2019)

You know, somethings been on my mind.. We know the PS5 is backwards compatibile, but to what end? Will it enchance PS4 games, or just spoof the system? (Heard rumours of both) Then i ask myself if tLoU is crossgen, the differences between the enchanced PS4 version and the PS5 version must have stark differences to make the purchase worthy. By time the PS5 is out, the PS4 copy will be a lot cheaper. It makes sense that they'd just spoof the system, but i kind of want PS4 games to be enchanced.

Lafiel (on 14 August 2019)

There are indicators they do the same as they did with the PS4pro and let the PS5 run "at PS4 specs" for compatibility (1.6GHz CPU, 800MHz GPU and only use 18CUs), but we know the Zen2 and Navi architectures are quite a bit faster at the same clock than Jaguar/Polaris, so even with this "safe compatiblity" you could see framerate improvements (if the PS4 version drops frames) or resolution improvements (if the game has dynamic res). The same could be done for PS4pro patched games (1.9GHz CPU, 911MHz GPU@36CUs), additionally a "boost mode" could do full PS5 specs and potentially breaking compatibility in some games, while maxing out the presets developers defined for PS4/pro for many others. Obviously a lot of PS4 games launching in 2019 and beyond will get specific PS5 patches that make real use of PS5 specs and TloU 2 will certainly be one of them. The question is whether or not these PS5 patches will be free or payed and I think Sony might opt to give publishers the choice, while providing many of their own PS4 games with free PS5 patches.

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Lafiel (on 14 August 2019)

oups, PS4pro CPU clock ofcourse is 2.1GHz

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The Last Belmont (on 13 August 2019)

Concert details? Is the console going to sing for us live?

Socke (on 13 August 2019)

Why do you find that interesting? PS5 will be like a new PC. The same as before but with more power. Already confirmed by developers. The interesting part are the games and not the shape of the plastic.

Chazore (on 13 August 2019)

A newish PC, but with hw that's going to stay in a state for a number of years.

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DialgaMarine (6 days ago)

Pretty much ever console ever, that doesn't rely on some gimmick to play a major role in selling it.

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Barozi (on 13 August 2019)

might wanna change that title

trunkswd (on 13 August 2019)

Title fixerd

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Zenos (on 13 August 2019)

A rumor about an announcement for an unveiling. That's some Inception-level stuff.

00Xander00 (6 days ago)

True, very inception lol.
Why has your comment got 6 thumbs down? It's not as if you insulted the site, or any user, or said something untrue or expressed an indifferent opinion, or had any malicious motive etc. Even still, People seamed to have interpret your comment with negative connotations.
You never complained about the article's existence, you only related the rumour to inception, with a harmless goal of highlighting a witty analogy from this crazy world of ours.
I think they've jumped to a conclusion and misinterpreted the comment with having an malicious motive.

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Zenos (6 days ago)

Eh, I don't particularly care. I may have some haters with multiple accounts. The voting buttons are there for people to use as they please.

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