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Microsoft: 'We Understand What Reasonable Price Points Are For a Console'

Microsoft: 'We Understand What Reasonable Price Points Are For a Console' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 July 2019 / 2,749 Views

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer at E3 2019 revealed Microsoft has a price in mind for their upcoming next generation console, Project Scarlett.

Microsoft’s Partner Director of Program Management Jason Ronald speaking with Windows Central in an interview stated the team understands what a reasonable price for a console is. 

"We understand what reasonable price points are for a console and kind of what customers expect about that. At the same time to you, we are innovating we are pushing the boundaries of some of this. We're not sharing any details on price, or, you know, more detailed specs at this point. But I will say that we're very confident in what we're building, something that will set a new bar for expectations of console gaming."

Project Scarlett will launch in Holiday 2020.

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shikamaru317 (on 17 June 2019)

$600 is suicide for sure, so sounds like it'll be $499 at release most likely.

Darwinianevolution (on 17 June 2019)

Considering how keen most platform holders are to offer their services both in and out of their console, a 599$ would be catastrophc. I don't think we'll ever see another console for that price.

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Azzanation (on 17 June 2019)

$499 for base or $499 for Premium?

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shikamaru317 (on 17 June 2019)

@Azzanation The latest reports say that MS may have dropped their plans for Lockhart, so it's looking like Anaconda may be the only next-gen Xbox console now. So $499 for Anaconda if that is true. They may offer a premium version of Anaconda with a larger SSD and a Pro controller for $649 or something, but only the most hardcore of gamers would be willing to spend that much I imagine.

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Angelv577 (on 17 June 2019)

Ps5 and the next xbox will be $499.

LivingMetal (on 17 June 2019)

Are they justifying already?

Darwinianevolution (on 17 June 2019)

I understand it as either having multiple hardware options, or having a single console that will be priced on the higher end of the spectrum, but without reaching 599$ unreasonable price.

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Dark_Lord_2008 (on 18 June 2019)

$399 will be good price point! $499 for a premium console!

Shiken (on 17 June 2019)

So does that mean they learned their lesson from the X1 launch?

Bristow9091 (on 17 June 2019)

Five hundred and ninety nine US dollars!

method114 (on 17 June 2019)

$400-$500 seems to be what everyone expectswants. Anything above that is going to hurt sales.

2zosteven (on 17 June 2019)

2 console models

EricHiggin (on 17 June 2019)

Says the company that recently priced the new XB1SAD at $249...

Ganoncrotch (on 18 June 2019)

rip sad

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EricHiggin (on 18 June 2019)

Phil mentioning he hopes people aren't worried about the name of the upcoming console already didn't inspire confidence after XB1SAD, yet now they understand acceptable price points? Unless he's saying it's going to be free, I'm not buying the PR.

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yo33331 (on 17 June 2019)

You all with prices such as 450 and 550, stop. Never in the history had any console launched with price ending with 50s. Every console has been rounded to 400 or 500 or 600 or 300. So no matter the variant the prices will be exactly rounded number, like 500 or 600$. In 2013 there were the same predictions, like 350 or 450, this is stupid no one put price on the 50s on consoles. My guess is the high end model will be 600$ and the low end 500$. The same as PS3. A little high but I think if both microsoft and sony sort something out they can both put prices like 500 or 600$ on their machines ( so there is no difference ) and with that way the consumer will have no choice than to buy either one. And I am for that. The console have to be premium thing not anything that anyone can have. Like the PS4, PS4 became like a smartphone everyone has it because it's cheaper and it's mainstream, PS3 and 360 weren't like that. To have PS3 ot 360 in the beginning was a premium thing.

palitococo (on 17 June 2019)

What a nonsense...Consoles need to be affordable to as many people possible can get it. That's the point of the console business.

PS: There are US$1200 smartphones...

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TheBird (on 17 June 2019)

With Gamepass being a relatively brand new subscription for the console, and Microsoft have twice as many studios as before, they will probably take a bigger loss per console sale now at launch. They can afford to with these new revenue sources, and Game pass is a monster for money.

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Random_Matt (on 17 June 2019)

People actually believe Navi is worth the money? It's a flop, AMD are not even trying anymore knowing that they can make money from consoles and their AMD fanboys. If it is $499 then building a PC is far the best option.

poroporo (on 17 June 2019)

It's ok value, will be better on sale/price drop. Nothing special.

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DonFerrari (on 17 June 2019)

So just say 399. Because if you say over it then you'll be accused of lying at this moment.

Azzanation (on 18 June 2019)

Umm by telling everyone the price leaves the competition open to undercut them. Not a smart buisness move.

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