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343 Industries' Kiki Wolfkill Admits Studio Had 'Growing Pains'

343 Industries' Kiki Wolfkill Admits Studio Had 'Growing Pains' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 May 2019 / 1,703 Views

Microsoft established 343 Industries in 2007 to develop future games in the Halo franchise after developer Bungie left the company. 343 Industries' Kiki Wolfkill in an interview with Wccftech admitted there were growing pains for the studio.

"I think as a studio, you know, we’ve kind of gone through our own growing pains over the years," said Wolfkill. "And I think we’re all really energized with the things we’re doing with the Master Chief Collection. 

"And bringing that on the PC and sort of really moving into a more of a service model with how we deliver content and updates with MCC and really, for the first time, moving on to PC very deliberately. And then at the same time, with Infinite and the TV show, this idea of really shepherding in this new generation of Halo is really exciting for us. Like it just feels like we have all these really great pieces that we’re incredibly excited about moving forward at the same time. So that’s crazy. As developers and also just Halo fans, we are really excited about the next few years."

343 Industries is currently focused on developing Halo: Infinite.

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John2290 (on 19 April 2019)

Kimi wolfkill. Holy shit, that might be the coolest name I've ever heard.

Azzanation (on 19 April 2019)

Looking forward to Halo Infinite. I hope both the campaign and multiplayer live up to its heritage.

VAMatt (on 19 April 2019)

I hope they eventually deliver a gem quality Halo game. It is a top-shelf IP, it just needs a little push back into greatness.

hunter_alien (on 19 April 2019)

Yeah, considering the studio is 12 years old and has 450 employees, calling it "growing pains" is an understatement. Their releases thus far were underwhelming or downright incompetent. Honestly it just feels like 343i is a prime example of how misaligned MS is with the gaming industry. Every time they try to achieve something they throw money behind it but completely mess up the management/vision part of the equation. Thus far I am highly skeptical of Halo infinite, but I am more than open to be proven wrong.

Azzanation (on 20 April 2019)

I dont think 343i is as bad as you make them sound. Halo 4 was on the edge of being a master piece and Halo 5 was an amazing back to form multiplayer. MCC was entirely made by 343i and Halo 2 Anniversary beats shooters today with its quality. They had it tough from the start and i believed handled themselves really well.

  • +3
Mr Puggsly (on 19 April 2019)

Personally, I really enjoyed Halo 4 and 5. Both had enjoyable campaigns and multiplayer. However, the Xbox brand and the Halo IP needs more ambitious games.

VAMatt (on 20 April 2019)

I liked them both as well. I just think the formula has gotten a little stale. It's a tough spot for a developer to be in. People expect a certain type of game when they pick up Halo. But, those same people need the series to evolve. To some extent, those are competing ends.

  • +3
Mr Puggsly (on 21 April 2019)

I disagree, each game actually feels unique. Maybe it has moved too far away from what it used to be. I really think people want campaigns that feel more like 6th and 7th gen games. There are also debates about the best MP, due to each feeling very different. People want Halo games to be more ambitious, Halo 5 just wasnt that even if it is a well above average game.

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Pemalite (on 19 April 2019)

I just hope it's amazing. Not just "okay" like Halo 5 was. Or merely "Good" that Halo 4 was. They probably need it to be a knockout.

VAMatt (on 20 April 2019)

I tend to agree. If you're a 20 year old gamer right now, you may never have played a great Halo game. A series cannot afford to skip an entire generation of gamers between great entries. It has already lost much of it's shine. If it goes much longer before a mega-hit release, it risks being seen as a has-been.

Maybe this is a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

  • +3
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 19 April 2019)

That's an understatement.