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Persona 5: The Royal Announced for PS4

Persona 5: The Royal Announced for PS4 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 April 2019 / 2,130 Views

Atlus has announced RPG, Persona 5: The Royal, for the PlayStation 4. More information will be released on April 24. 

View the website for the game here.

View the teaser trailer below:

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Mystro-Sama (on 23 March 2019)

Is this a definitive edition or something?

mjk45 (on 24 March 2019)

it's basically like P4 golden compared to P4 , meaning unlike most definitive editions the extra content and other changes are integrated into game from beginning to end giving you a familiar but new version of the game, rather than being the game plus dlc in one package that you see in most Definitive/GOTY versions.

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JON0 (on 23 March 2019)

That really brought more questions than it answered xD

Liquid_faction (on 23 March 2019)

Okay, so new heroine? Cause from what I understand by the trailer, she doesn't like the Phantom Thieves. So, it can't be a new female main protagonist like in P3.

DonFerrari (on 23 March 2019)

She may be a protagonist for S with Phantom Thieves as initially antagonist or rivals.

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DonFerrari (on 23 March 2019)

That gave us so much information... and even with Joker on Smash this didn't had a Switch included announcement

Darwinianevolution (on 23 March 2019)

Give it time, they are probably waiting for Joker's release, to get the maximum amount of exposure possible.

  • +1
DonFerrari (on 23 March 2019)

I'll give time, and yes you are right that they may be waiting for maximum effectiviness.

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Shiken (on 23 March 2019)

My bet is that the Switch version would be the Persona 5 S trademark that was made.

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Mnementh (on 24 March 2019)

If Persona 5 comes to Switch (and I am certainly unsure about that), it is likely this will be announced in a direct and kept a secret until that airs.

  • +1
Rafie (on 23 March 2019)

No Switch version this time around. Hmm...well looking forward to more info next month.