Square Enix to 'Make Various Announcements in the Lead-Up to This Year's E3' - VGChartz
Square Enix to 'Make Various Announcements in the Lead-Up to This Year's E3'

Square Enix to 'Make Various Announcements in the Lead-Up to This Year's E3' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 March 2019 / 1,909 Views

Square Enix plans to announce several new titles leading up to E3, according to president Yosuke Matsuda speaking during the financial results briefing for the third quarter of the 2019 fiscal year.

"I cannot go into any detail at the moment, but I believe we will be able to make various announcements in the lead‐ up to this year’s E3," said Matsuda

Square Enix last month released Kingdom Hearts III.

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V-r0cK (on 20 February 2019)

Crisis Core FF7 remaster/remake please!!!! Such an amazing game should not stay stuck on the PSP disc, let alone wasn't even on the PSP PSN store either.

abronn627 (on 19 February 2019)

Sooooo... announcement of future announcements of their official announcements at E3 ?

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 20 February 2019)

No. It's the announcement of future announcements BEFORE E3. Also you could have just erased the "of their official announcements" part since that's redundant.

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abronn627 (on 20 February 2019)

That was the point.

  • +1
Oneeee-Chan!!! (on 20 February 2019)

NieR 2 and Octopath Traveler 2 !

DakonBlackblade (on 20 February 2019)

Just tell us what the heck is happening to FFVII Remake.

axumblade (on 20 February 2019)

Given that kh3 and ffxv are out, i'm assuming we are going to hear about VII. Also going on a limb and saying more FF, DQ and Octopath Traveler. Not sure what to expect from their more Western teams though

The_Liquid_Laser (on 20 February 2019)

Those sound like decent guesses. Sounds like they are going to have a lot of announcements though. They might also mention their Avengers game. I also wouldn't be surprised if they port more games to the Switch.

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Ganoncrotch (on 20 February 2019)

Given that FF9 on the Switch for a crazy 21 euros or dollars has been stuck at number 1 spot on the eshop since launch I really can't picture them not getting more software out on the Nintendo machine asap.

Ashadelo (on 20 February 2019)

21 eros :D woooow!

  • +2
Random_Matt (on 20 February 2019)

That's a terrible price, like all Nintendo games. I'm sure I'll get thumbed down for being truthful.

  • -4
Ganoncrotch (on 20 February 2019)

You'll get thumbed down because Final Fantasy 9 being €21 euro has nothing to do with Nintendo, they don't tell Square what price to value their 20+ year old software at, Onimusha Warlords is from the PS2 era and that's on the eshop for €19.99 same with Okami HD from Capcom which is an enhanced version of the Wii port of that game.

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Loneken (on 20 February 2019)

in the Xbox store is $20. The mobile port of Romancing Saga 2 (Super famicom game) is $25. Square ask too much for this games , a $15 will be fair.

Sorry for my bad english

  • +1
Random_Matt (on 20 February 2019)

PC less than a tenner, any can run it.

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Ganoncrotch (on 20 February 2019)

Indeed Loneken, Square games are like apple products, people are willing to pay a premium price because even for older games like a SNES rom it has become the norm to pay silly cash for them. Again nothing to do with Nintendo.

As for the PC Matt.... FF9 is 21e on Steam, damn Nintendo telling Valve to charge more for that Square game I guess?

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Ganoncrotch (on 20 February 2019)

checked on the psn store as well.. €21 Nintendos greed knows no limits.

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StriderKiwi (on 19 February 2019)

Global shipments (including digital sales) of Kingdom Hearts 3 have reached 5 million according to the financial report. So at least there's that!

Ashadelo (on 20 February 2019)

Hey, if you could sell your 20 year old game for 21 Euros each (a euro for every year) I am sure you would do the same thing, haha.

siebensus4 (on 20 February 2019)

Give finally Itadaki Street a western release. Switch version preferred.

deskpro2k3 (on 20 February 2019)

I predict several disappointments and a few good stuff.

Ashadelo (on 20 February 2019)

Everytime I see Lightings picture I think of cloud.

Random_Matt (on 20 February 2019)

I recently ignored reviews on XIII and bought it. Never, ever again will I go against my norm of following reviews, my first shit purchase, terrible, terrible game.

DakonBlackblade (on 20 February 2019)

Reviews on FFXIII aren't abd, they are on the 80-85 range. And the game was never bad either but in 2019 itll be super dated, its a last gen game.

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LMU Uncle Alfred (on 20 February 2019)

Your first? You must have not bought very many games.

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Random_Matt (on 21 February 2019)

Have hundreds actually, all starting from the 80's. Not my fault if you suffer from bad decision making.

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LMU Uncle Alfred (on 27 February 2019)

If you started in the 80s then you undoubtedly bought several games that didn't have reviews for them and were likely bad because there wasn't a compiled review site back then. That and there was far more trash back then compared to now.

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Chazore (on 20 February 2019)

If It's Neir 2 Square, for the love of the maker, patch the god damn PC version and do not fuck up the sequel's port.