Square Enix 'Undecided' If It Will Bring Definitive Edition Content of Dragon Quest XI to Vanilla Version - VGChartz
Square Enix 'Undecided' If It Will Bring Definitive Edition Content of Dragon Quest XI to Vanilla Version

Square Enix 'Undecided' If It Will Bring Definitive Edition Content of Dragon Quest XI to Vanilla Version - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 March 2019 / 1,958 Views

Square Enix recently announced Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. 

Square Enix speaking with The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki said the company was "undecided" if it would release the Definitive Edition content to the vanilla version of the game, which is available for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age: Definitive Edition will launch for the Nintendo Switch worldwide this fall. 

Thanks Gematsu.

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Hiku (on 14 February 2019)

It's Square Enix, so they'll probably announce it some time after the Switch version is released. Either in the form of a DLC add-on, or a Dragon Quest XI 'International'.

Chazore (on 15 February 2019)

Followed by a price increase, and a slightly different trailer variation, to make it sound unique.

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Eric2048 (on 14 February 2019)

I think they should. even if it's dlc.

Bristow9091 (on 14 February 2019)

I feel like it'd be silly for them not to, they could even do a re-release to make more money from it, lol.

Pinkie_pie (on 14 February 2019)

Of course they will bring it over. There will be a patch for the ps4 version soon after the switch version releases you can bet on it

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couchmonkey (on 16 February 2019)

This is the right answer, as opposed to 2004 Capcom announcing RE4 for the other platforms before it even came out on a GameCube. I assume Nintendo has helped sponsor this new version.

Harkins1721 (on 14 February 2019)

Just do what you did for FFXV and KH series. SE says they wanted to up the DLC and games as a service. This is the time.

Kwaidd (on 14 February 2019)

I'm all for different console versions having something special in that version, to give people a reason to buy it on one platform or another, versus them all being patched to be "created equal". For example, Soul Calibur 2 had a special character depending on the platform it was bought for. I see definitive edition being a boon to Switch's library, and if the publisher wants it to sell well on that platform, what better way to do it than have that version have something the other versions don't?

Ka-pi96 (on 14 February 2019)

Couldn't disagree more. Carving up games even further to make the version on each platform different so everybody is missing a part of the game unless they buy it like 4 different times all on different platforms is an absolutely terrible idea!

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Chazore (on 15 February 2019)

I completely disagree with this, on the notion that they don't do this for every platform involved. If we go by your SC example, then what would SE do for the PC versions of their late ports?. They don't do this for every platform out there.

If you think it's fair to do unique content, then at least hold them to the sword for every single platform they sell towards.

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Kwaidd (on 04 March 2019)

SC2 was just a simple example, showing different versions of the same game through a version specific character. While I am saying unique content is desireable, I'm not saying that every version of a game can and should be created equal. The game has been out on other platforms, for quite some time now. They are now releasing it on Switch. If they want sales on the Switch version, then having a little something extra that is specific to Switch makes good sense. Some people may get butthurt over the latest version having additional content, but hey, that's the breaks.

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Chazore (on 04 March 2019)

Then I kindly disagree with that notion again. If you want someone to get more treatment, then others should too.

PC hardly gets any special content when this kind of deal happens, so it's hardly about "more sales".

Hey "it's the breaks" when you don't get special content and have to wait for years on end on Switch.

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Ljink96 (on 14 February 2019)

I mean, just make it timed to actually push sales of the Switch version as much as possible.

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Random_Matt (on 14 February 2019)

I believe it sold poorly on PS4, let me know otherwise.

Megiddo (on 14 February 2019)

1.5 million in Japan, pretty solid given the relatively low userbase of PS4 in Japan. Not sure about outside of Japan as I don't recall seeing any numbers for it.

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mjk45 (on 14 February 2019)

for comparison 1.8 million in Japan on 3DS followed by 1.5 million in Japan on PS4 2.04 million ww so not to bad for a non exclusive DQ I also believe and this is just conjecture that the western release most likely had a high % of digital.

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ZS (on 14 February 2019)

1.5m PS4 and 1.8m 3ds in Japan, PS4 version sold very well with I believe it was 4 times less consoles out in the wild in japan at that time.

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method114 (on 14 February 2019)

I'd be fine with it if they didn't. The main game was more than enough story for me and I heavily enjoyed it.