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Take-Two Exec: Microsoft Needs to Show Game Pass Growth to Continue to Do Acquisitions

Take-Two Exec: Microsoft Needs to Show Game Pass Growth to Continue to Do Acquisitions - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 5 days ago / 1,216 Views

Microsoft in 2018 acquired several new developers including Obsidian Entertainment, inXile Entertainment, Undead Labs, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, and Compulsion. Head of Take-Two’s Private Division Michael Worosz speaking with MCVUK stated Microsoft needs to prove Game Pass can grow in order to keep acquiring more studios going forward. 


"Right now it seems clear that Microsoft is trying to accrue value to their Game Pass value proposition, by having uniquely available content there," said Worosz. "I think that makes sense to a degree, I think they’re going to have to demonstrate Game Pass’s growth over time to be able to continue to do acquisitions like this, and if it does work for them, then I can see them doing more acquisitions to build out exclusive content.

"Certain developers want to to be independent for that reason, they’ve worked at larger companies and want to be able to control their own destiny to a larger degree, they want more creative freedom. Having a larger corporate parent, particularly one with a trillion dollar market cap like Microsoft, sometimes gets in the way."

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Bandorr (5 days ago)

What "uniquely available content" is there? The game content in the game pass is the same content on Xbox and PC. What is possibly unique about the content?

Loneken (5 days ago)

Well, you can try some games instead of buying them. And they cover a lot of different kind of games. I use the service to try some games before buy, and i can play multiplayer games that i never buy by myself and have a good time with them (pubg,sea of thieves, the next crackdown 3 ,etc)
The anual cost is the same of 2 full games.
Uniquely available content is the microsoft exclusives , they are in pc , but everyone who says that in a negative way hate win 10 so...

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Bandorr (5 days ago)

The service is unique. The content is not.

I'm asking what is unique to gamepass. If I can play Sea of thieves on Xbox or PC without gamepass, then it isn't unique TO gamepass.

Or did I misread it? Did they mean having "unique" content (again Sea of thieves) on a service. As opposed to having "unique" content TO gamepass.

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shikamaru317 (5 days ago)

Somebody's a bit jealous that they lost Obsidian to MS ;-) But on a more serious note, MS has enough money to acquire most studios out there if they really wanted to, though of course it will be easier/cheaper to get them if Game Pass continues to grow and Xbox Scarlett sells well from release.

EspadaGrim (5 days ago)

Yep MS is finally dipping into it's War Chest and funding Xbox fully. While I'm still wary that they are growing too fast the opinions of other publishers means jack because MS has different vision/goals than them.

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EspadaGrim (5 days ago)

Also MS won't have trouble convincing independent devs to join them especially if they are open to selling, Obsidian and to bigger degree Ninja Theory are proof of that.

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