Sony\'s PSEye Will Get Facial Recognition

by Keith Carlsen, posted on 16 July 2009 / 1,590 Views



The facial recognition is supposed to detect the location and place, as well as the age of the face and the person's gender. It will also be able to detect the nose, mouth, eyebrows, the shape of the mouth and glasses.


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Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 16 July 2009)

Lulz @Tor. But wtf... this may backfire... anyone wanna guess why?

nightsurge (on 16 July 2009)

@Keep_the_change More like about the same time frame for both, and I wouldn't be surprised if it took Sony longer to release. Microsoft had a finished product with multiple tech demo's ready. Sony had an "early prototype" with one demo....

zaMy (on 16 July 2009)

They have to give the PSEye a makeover, make it so that it can clip ontop or on the bottom of a flat screen tv

TheSteve (on 16 July 2009)

Now, if only they can add "works without a dedicated spotlight placed overhead" technology or "recognizes those cards for the game it came with" technology, this thing could be friggin' sweet. Mine (along with the 360 Camera) have been gathering dust in a box for ages now. Neither was worth a damn.

Xoj (on 16 July 2009)

microsoft does overpromises, vista had tons of features removed, to this date never added.

Xoj (on 16 July 2009)

for sony reason, i find easy to believe sony will do it better and without bugs and microsoft won't XD.

sepisfu (on 16 July 2009)

nice, right now i use my pseye just for lbp and the eye of judgment this and eye pet will help me to use this device more :P

FilaBrasileiro (on 16 July 2009)

Nobody cares about facial recognition BS, nobody cares about motion crap shit, no one cares, just give me GT5.

coolbeans (on 16 July 2009)

Facial recognition for PSEye?!?! Man Sony is such an innovater.....o wait.

Keep_the_change (on 16 July 2009)

@ KeptoKnight Being "soon" a time frame of 1 year or two for the case of Natal.

KeptoKnight (on 16 July 2009)

i forgot that sony and microsoft are coming out with their own motion controls soon.

LokeSTL (on 16 July 2009)

Wish they would just improve the crappy video quality. And considering that it is made to work with "the ultimate HD device", shouldn't it support HD and 16:9 video? Not a well thought out peripheral.

welshbloke (on 16 July 2009)

Just watched a you tube showing the Eye Toy performing lots of the things we saw with Natal. The difference of course even though this video was from November 2007 it is still only a video and not reality. Where as I do not doubt that some form of facial recognition will be made avaialble to the eyetoy how effective it will be is in doubt. The Natal solution has more technology inside to produce an allround better solution. I think Sony probably were on the right track but moved away from the eyetoy and focused on developing the wands. Lets not forget the jury is out as to which system will actually be better. Technically at the moment I think Natal has it but when we actually have both the solutions it may be that the wands were actually the better way to go.

PullusPardus (on 16 July 2009)

@disolitude maybe the reason is that you don't own a ps3?

Forager (on 16 July 2009)

I recently tested out the PSEye, but it gave me a response I didn't like....all the screen said was "even a caveman can do it."

disolitude (on 16 July 2009)

Man sony loves to promise things. As loon as xbox live was announced in 2003, sony announced an online network partnership with AOL "far greater" than xbox live. Its 6 years later and we're still waiting... the difference is that MS shows when they promise, sony just announces stuff.

Dazkarieh (on 16 July 2009)

Noooo!! It's obviously fake!!! Only Natal can do it. That's what users say here. So it's true. Sony is lying... again.

PullusPardus (on 16 July 2009)

@Kantor Or let it recognize Ash Crimson (already done it myself :-D )

Canyarion (on 16 July 2009)

Hah, I can't wait for all the reports of people whose genders have been misrecognized! That's going to be fun.

Reasonable (on 16 July 2009)

leo-j, that's the point. They've developed new SW to better support the existing EyeToy with facial recognition, etc. I always felt the damn thing was terribly under supported in terms of SW and dev kits, but I guess between Wii Mote and Natal its going to see a fair bit of investment going forward. I have one, BTW, for LBP (just love sticking my own images, etc. into levels). It works well but the available titles don't do it's potential justice.

leo-j (on 16 July 2009)

I thought it was already capable of that, just needed the software.. (atleast sony is doing something about the PS eye, it was a very important thing, but they stopped supporting it in 07)

otoniel (on 16 July 2009)

ohhh this thing still exist?

Kantor (on 16 July 2009)

The person's gender, eh? We should play a JRPG and make the camera face it :-D

PullusPardus (on 16 July 2009)

didn't they have this long ago? Sony is just "Reminding" people about it. :-D