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Wreckfest Console Release Delayed to 2019

Wreckfest Console Release Delayed to 2019 - News

by Craig Snow , posted on 17 October 2018 / 1,083 Views

HQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment today announced that the console release of Wreckfest has been delayed.

Unfortunately for those who are anticipating the spiritual successor to FlatOut on consoles the delay is a lengthy one - exactly a year in fact. The game is now due to land on consoles on 20th November, 2019.

In the press release announcing the delay THQ offered the following 'anti-bullshit' quote from Roger Joswig, Senior Producer at THQ Nordic:

"Wreckfest for consoles will only be released as soon as we love playing it. After the fantastic release on PC, the benchmark for the console release is much higher. At this moment, the team needs more time to polish the multiplayer part, as well as the overall performance on the game to bring it up to par with the experience on PC. We are sorry for keeping fans waiting longer because of this. However, we already have compensation in the form of further vehicles, including a special crazy vehicle, in the works for consoles."

If you're not keen on waiting that long and have a decent PC rig then you can already purchase the PC version of the game.

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TheBird (on 17 October 2018)

Wow, bought this game in 2014 and completely forgot I owned it. Used to be called Next Car Game.

Machina (on 17 October 2018)

Yup. Amazingly it managed to finally release and be well-received. Can't think of many other Early Access games that have been in development for what feels like forever but still ends up releasing and being good.

  • +1
Machina (on 17 October 2018)

This sucks, was really looking forward to it. A whole year is very WTF.