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Hitman 2 Gets Colombia Trailer

Hitman 2 Gets Colombia Trailer - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 25 September 2018 / 769 Views

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Io Interactive have released new trailer for Hitman 2 called Colombia.

View it Below:

Here is an overview of the location:

Located in the heart of a Colombian rainforest, the remote village of Santa Fortuna welcomes tourists to enjoy its relaxed atmosphere – but it also hides an intricate set of caves and ruins near the Delgado Cartel’s extravagant mansion and coca fields.

Santa Fortuna is the perfect location to showcase new features and abilities coming to Hitman 2, including the use of vegetation and foliage to stay out of sight or hide weapons and bodies. This new trailer displays the truly exotic, hyper-detailed setting that will be available for players to explore, with unexpected hazards and unique kill opportunities all around. Agent 47 must use creativity and intelligence to survey the entire village and avoid the Cartel’s iron-fisted rule to eliminate his targets.

Hitman 2 will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on November 13.

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COKTOE (on 25 September 2018)

One of the more under-appreciated series in gaming.

Pachofilauri (on 25 September 2018)

As a proud citizen of Colombia i find this extremely disrespectful, stereotypical.... nah it looks awesome.

ResilientFighter (on 25 September 2018)

would be nice if they showed medellin and the awesome metro system, kill a target on it lol or finding a target in the stadium el campin during a football match then getting attacked by fans xD
gringos always making colombia look like the poorest country in latin america when it's far from it

  • +1
Pachofilauri (on 25 September 2018)

Thank you!!!, i mean i don't mind this kind of representation, but it would be nice if they used more of south america. We have a lot more than jungles and favelas

  • +1