House Of The Dead: Overkill Sets World Record For Swearing

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 16 March 2009 / 25,912 Views

Original post at Popzara Blogs :

If you've sampled even a minute of Sega's grotesque and by all means fantastic House of the Dead: Overkill for the Wii, than you know just how vile and ridiculously filthy the game is.  We figured the game was overflowing with vulgarity, but who knew it was superlative vulgarity?  The guys and gals at the increasingly suspicious Guiness World Book of Records seem to think so, as they've pegged the game with the most swear words ever.  The f-bombs flow like water and almost without fail, over 189 times by the record-keepers count.

So what does developer Headstrong Games' own writer Jonathan Burroughs think of hiss dubious accomplishment?  Like any proud papa, he's positively beaming:

"It is a dubious honour to receive such an accolade working in an industry where so often the fruits of your labours are derided and dismissed for being puerile or irresponsible, but in the case of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL a little puerility was the order of business. Parodying the profane excess of grindhouse cinema was Headstrong Games' objective and I am flattered that this record acknowledges that we not only rose to that challenge, but entirely exceeded it."

The 'award' has existed for cataloging naughty films and other media, but is a first for the videogame sector.  It's a good thing the action-packed lightgun adventure has the chops to back up the knocks, as comedy certainly works in this series favor.  Congratulations to Sega and Headstrong Games on a job well f@&%$%# done!

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S.T.A.G.E. (on 18 March 2009)

What the F***? Who the F***? How the F***. Is this all the Japanese think of westerners?? F***!

MonstaMack (on 18 March 2009)

Once it drops to $30 on the Wii I'm going to cop it. Same for Madworld.

BoleroOfFire (on 17 March 2009)

Blah. Terrible game. I guess they had to add all the cursing to distract people from the actual game.

indodude (on 17 March 2009)

Fucking fuck!

chriscox1121 (on 17 March 2009)

not something to be proud of

SSSBOLIMAR (on 17 March 2009)


1337 Gamer (on 17 March 2009)

lol thats insane that there more swearing than GTA4.

redsoxfan9477 (on 17 March 2009)

The wii went straight from family games to totally gore covered swearing games. Definitely not saying this a bad thing though.

iron_megalith (on 17 March 2009)

Haha! F*#@ing nc article!

Games fanboy (on 17 March 2009)

The game is extremely fun after un locking the editors uncut version )

BTFeather55 (on 17 March 2009)

congratulations. Now, Reggie just needs to show up at E3 and say "We f____n' rule videogames. S__k our a$$_$ Sony and Microsoft."

Staude (on 17 March 2009)

^fuck ?

Araknie87 (on 17 March 2009)

That's the most crazy "game thing" on the world. Don't know what to say.

supermoehre (on 17 March 2009)

Wii Fuck!

blaydcor (on 17 March 2009)

that's motherfucking crazy

amp316 (on 17 March 2009)

I'm suprised that fuck was only said 189 times in this game. I really am.

Maynard_Tool (on 16 March 2009)

que loco!!!

Dragonos (on 16 March 2009)

"I don't know how anyone can accurately count the number of swear words in a video game since part of the game might repeat itself. Look at sandbox games like GTA or True Crime (Saint's Row also?) and the background characters you encounter will sweat at random. So how do you count those words?" i think its more the fact that the cursing in HoTD:O is not simply something they blurt out repetitively (i.e. the curse button in the scarface game), its part of the scene. so im assuming that the cursing they counted was only the dialogue and not the cursing you hear when yo get hurt. also - keep in mind its only 6 hours or long as opposed to the 30+ hours you would expect out of a GTA game. so definitely HoTD:O has a higher "curse density", if you will?

d21lewis (on 16 March 2009)


limelight022 (on 16 March 2009)

The game with the most vulgar language is on the...Wii. Nice!

Popzara (on 16 March 2009)

@ The Ghost of RubangB Don't forget "No More Heroes," which is probably the most insane one of them all (and I'm just thinking about the baseball-gimp scene). It's funny how Nintendo's waggler is home to some of the most disturbing, violent content ever released for a home console, yet is continually pegged as a kiddie machine. Guess brain-eating zombies and f-bomb dropping schoolgirls just can't compete with the multitude of baby-sitting, monkey mischief makin' mini-game madness that grabs the headlines. Yowzers!

The Ghost of RubangB (on 16 March 2009)

Between this, MadWorld being the most violent game ever made, and GTA Chinatown Wars being the first ever 18+ game on the DS in the UK, Nintendo is cranking things up a notch. They get the most ultraviolence, the most fuck-bombs, the most zombies, and they still have Friend Codes to cover their asses. Brilliant!

Maynard_Tool (on 16 March 2009)

But but... wii = kidz??? =\

NanakiXI (on 16 March 2009)

But... but... Army of Two, Gears of War, Killzone 2 and *Insert name here of game with potty mouth soldiers* have horrible dialogue. They swear too much and it ruins the game experience and story. But... but... House of the Dead Overkill, it's ok cause its on the Wii and its underrated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Doesn't really matter if it is funny or not to me cause I'm tired of people complaining about other games that swear too much but will praise this game. There are some of you out there lurking on the website and I'm talking to you lol. This is not a bash at the Wii more so towards people who are hypocrites.

alfredofroylan (on 16 March 2009)

Hey HOTD has another record on the UK, it's on the UK chart longer than any other On-rail shooter:

Orca_Azure (on 16 March 2009)

and people say the wii is for kids :D

sabby_e17 (on 16 March 2009)

thats nice

averyblund (on 16 March 2009)

Well fuck, good ups Headstrong. This is one of the few games where the swearing started off as kinda irritating, but as the game progressed it just kept getting funnier. I always love jokes like that.

mesoteto (on 16 March 2009)

but thats the kiddy system ;)

MaxwellGT2000 (on 16 March 2009)

hah! Funny stuff, I loved the game being so bad that it was seriously funny, like my pal I played the game with said, if it wasn't grindhouse style it wouldn't have been a good game, but as it stands its good and its funny.

Popzara (on 16 March 2009)

Personally, I miss the glory days of "World's Fattest Man", "Fattest Twins," the human drama that was always "World's Longest Fingernails." Good times...good times, indeed.

coasterlove (on 16 March 2009)

I'm surprised by this and that's probably because I also haven't played it yet. Although I don't know how anyone can accurately count the number of swear words in a video game since part of the game might repeat itself. Look at sandbox games like GTA or True Crime (Saint's Row also?) and the background characters you encounter will sweat at random. So how do you count those words? I am a little concerned though by Guniness actually recognizing them for that "record". I'd hate to now see developers placing in extra langauge in order to beat out the previous game. It's one thing if the langauge, sex, violence fits the content of the game. It's another thing when it's just added for the sake of adding it and hoping to attract certain gamers to it because it's "Mature".

Luthor (on 16 March 2009)

Someone recorded that?

TWRoO (on 16 March 2009)

F*$% me.