343 on Battle Royale in Halo Infinite: 'The Only BR We're Interested in is Battle Rifle' - VGChartz
343 on Battle Royale in Halo Infinite: 'The Only BR We're Interested in is Battle Rifle'

343 on Battle Royale in Halo Infinite: 'The Only BR We're Interested in is Battle Rifle' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 August 2018 / 2,343 Views

343 Industries writer Jeff Easterling during a livestream on Mixer was asked if a battle royale mode will be in Halo: Infinite.

"I’ll tell you right now, the only BR we’re interested in is Battle Rifle. The original BR. So, calm yourself," said Easterling.

Microsoft announced Halo: Infinite during its E3 2018 showcase last month for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. 

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CaptainExplosion (on 19 July 2018)

Thank goodness they're not giving into the Battle Royale craze.

Azzanation (on 21 July 2018)

Honestly I don't care if they went with a Battle Royale mode, after all they are quite fun. I guess this really shows that 343i are really focusing on the campaign and MP rather than what's the hottest fad on the market.

Shadow1980 (on 19 July 2018)

Thank God. Halo doesn't need to further fall prey to the AAA industry trend-chasing. I say "further" because 343i has already been guilty of trend-chasing in both Halo 4 (by adding rank-based unlocks & perks) and Halo 5 (by adding enhanced mobility mechanics). The last thing Halo needs is a large-scale elimination-style play mode (it doesn't need some online-only shared-world experience a la Destiny, either). The amount of resources that a Battle Royale mode would consume could detract from the rest of the game. I'd rather see 343i put their energy into improving their level designs in both Campaign and Arena, and evolve Warzone further. 343i should keep Halo its own thing, and strive to improve on all the good things that make Halo great. Anything borrowed from other games should be things that complement Halo's "Halo-ness," not things that would radically reinvent Halo simply out of a desire to chase whatever the new hotness is.

curl-6 (on 19 July 2018)

Good, this Battle Royale fad is such a shitty flavour-of-the-month bandwagon

hunter_alien (on 20 July 2018)

Good to hear, even if they have plenty to make up for when it comes to H:I.

Jigsawx1 (on 19 July 2018)

i hope they delete the cardpacks and bring an exp based skilli system for warzone. arena was very good but halo dont need 30+ weapons. so please ms keep the microtansactions to a minimum.(only armer, helmet etc.) The BR is a brilliant weapon ;)

OTBWY (on 19 July 2018)

I'm hoping for an open world-ish game.

Jigsawx1 (on 19 July 2018)

it would be very nice and with a 4 players coopi would love it, but i think you would need to stay online for ccp

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VAMatt (on 20 July 2018)

I'd love to play an open world, action/rpg game in the Halo universe. But, it should be a complement to the core Halo FPS games, not a substitute.

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KLAMarine (on 19 July 2018)

lol, clever

TheBird (on 19 July 2018)

They got PUBG exclusive to them for a while, and they got Fortnite making a shit ton of money (Both Sony and Microsoft get 30% of its sales on their console). Atleast Microsoft is settled with what they have got, and 343 is focusing on what Halo fans want, and not what Halo fans don't want.

mekail2001 (on 19 July 2018)

YES! Especially after Halo 5 im sure in Halo Infinite they will try to make the BR a primary weapon again and replace the magnum

gtotheunit91 (on 19 July 2018)

Was it confirmed to be coming to PC? If so, HALLELUJAH!!!

trunkswd (on 19 July 2018)

The description for the trailer on YouTube says "Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive."

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Ganoncrotch (on 19 July 2018)

So one Xbox exclusive brand flinging dirt at another? I don't understand the logic behind this. How about if they focus on making this game work at launch and good? rather than worry about what game modes it doesn't feature, that'd be nice.

Azzanation (on 19 July 2018)

Umm they are.. have you not been reading the news?

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Mystro-Sama (on 19 July 2018)

When did 343 become so edgy?

Ganoncrotch (on 19 July 2018)

When you're responsible for having created the only 2 numbered Halo Games to score less than 90% on Meta you need to do something to draw attention away from that, flinging dirt at other Genres is a good start.

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Azzanation (on 19 July 2018)

Ganoncrotch Halo 4 might not have scored in the 90s but the quality of that game is on par with the best in that generation. Besides that got hampered by troll reviews like that 2/10.
If 343 continue making Halo games like 4 than that would be great.

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Ganoncrotch (on 20 July 2018)

You are talking about the ps/360 generation, can assure you from that halo4 will be very few people best game compared to the likes of reach, 3, gears, Mass effect, BioShock, dead space, fable 2/3 , uncharted, fallout 3, Skyrim and a huge host of games which trump the closed in set pieces that h4 offered.

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Azzanation (on 20 July 2018)

Umm Halo 4 went on to sell 9+m units.. It was a great game and up there with the best of them. I will agree if we are talking about Halo 5 but no, Halo 4 was a great comeback for the Halo series and offered one of the better campaigns in the mainline games. Serious question, have you actually played it?

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Ganoncrotch (on 20 July 2018)

Click on the achievements thing in my sig on any of my posts, you have to scroll a bit to find it, it's below my 1000pts in Halo CE and such, but aye 2013 "
I Need a Hero
Completed the Campaign on Heroic or harder.
Earned March 4, 2013, 3:11 am (UTC)
Am I allowed to say I thought the game was rubbish now? Do I have your permission?

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Azzanation (on 21 July 2018)

That's fine, you can have an opinion, but don't talk on behalf of everyone else. Halo 4 for me was awesome and one of the better Halo games in the series. It was also hugely successful.

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Ganoncrotch (on 21 July 2018)

lol thanks for letting me have an opinion on the game you have an opinion about. Appreciate it! clown.

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