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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Info Details Characters, Liberl Kingdom, Bracers Guild

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Info Details Characters, Liberl Kingdom, Bracers Guild - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 12 July 2018 / 1,317 Views

Falcom has released new information of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV ~The End of Saga~.


Read the information below:

■ Characters

Estelle Bright (voiced by Akemi Kanda)

A bracer from the Liberl Kingdom and daughter of Cassius Bright, the General of the Royal Army of Liberl.

She met the qualifications of a bracer at the young age of 16, and overcame repeated crises such as the Royal Intelligence Division coup and the Liberl Disaster alongside her friends.

After that, she welcomed Renne, a young girl of the Ouroboros society that she met during the Liberl Disaster, as a member of her family, and continued her activities as a bracer while checking in on various locations of West Zemuria, but—.

Disturbing rumors—such as the attempted assassination of the emperor by the Republic of Calvard, the explosion of Courageous, and demand for other countries to break diplomatic relations with the Republic—had spread across West Zemuria. In order to determine the truth, Estelle takes action alongside Joshua and Renne.

Joshua Bright (voiced by Mitsuki Saiga)

Acting alongside Estelle as her partner and lover, Joshua was born in the village of Hamel in the Erebonian Empire.

One of the Orphans of Hamel, he once worked as an assassin and informant for the society as Enforcer XIII: The Black Fang, but upon meeting Cassius and his daughter Estelle, became the adopted child of the Bright family and walked the path of a bracer.

As a bracer during the cult attack on the old Crossbell State, he also cooperated with Lloyd and the Special Support Section.

After the disaster in Crossbell was settled, he continued his activities as a bracer in the Kingdom while watching over the Bright family’s adopted daughter Renne.

Renne Bright (voiced by Aoi Yuuki)

A student of the Liberl Kingdom’s prestigious Jenis Royal Academy, Renne is a naturally gifted young girl who once worked as the society’s Enforcer No. XV: Angel of Slaughter.

After the cult attack on the old Crossbell State, she became the adopted daughter of the Bright family. After that, Renne developed her friendship with Tita, who she met during the Liberl Disaster, under the warm watch of the members of the Bright family.

After entering Jenis Royal Academy, she utilized her talents as a guild assistant and cooperated with the school to introduce the Orbment Network Exam in the Kingdom, but—.

In order to determine the safety of her close friend when the disaster occurs in the Imperial capital, she decides to set out for the Empire.

■ Keywords

Liberl Kingdom

A small kingdom in Southwest Zemuria, south of the Empire.

Although a monarchy, the aristocratic system was repealed, and the Kingdom is enjoying peace under the skillful foreign policy of the current ruler Queen Alicia von Auslese II.

The Liberl Kingdom is the homeland of Dr. Russel—one of the three disciples of Epstein—achieved growth as a technologically advanced country due to its large number of watchmakers, and is known to have been the first to make practical use of Orbal airships.

Many years ago, a countrywide Orbal shutdown by the plotted by the Ouroboros society known as the Liberl Disaster occurred, but under the cooperation of the Royal Army, Bracer Guild, and Prince Olivert, who was known by the name Olivier Lenheim at the time, the incident was safely settled.

After that, the Liberl Kingdom worked hard for the peace and stability of West Zemuria, whose tensions centered on Crossbell were increasing, but…

Bracers Guild

A private organization of bracers that work for the peace of the land and protection of civilians.

While bracers are prepared to use force if it means the protection of civilians, they are also weak in that they cannot exercise the rights to investigation or arrest towards state or official powers unless the safety of the civilians is endangered.

After the guild branch explosion incident in the Erebonian Kingdom many years ago, the bracers’ activities were drastically reduced by the hand of the Blood and Iron Chancellor.

After the Civil War caused by the Noble Faction and Reformist Faction, those restrictions weakened, and there were signs of full-blown bracer activity restoration in the Empire, but—.

Accompanying the announcement of the National Mobilization Law, the Bracer Guild’s activities were again restricted.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV ~The End of Saga~ will launch for the PlayStation 4 on September 27 in Japan for 7,800 yen.

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StokedUp (on 12 July 2018)

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Oh wow they are bringing in the bracers guild for this nice. I still need to play part 2.