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Yoshi on Switch Delayed to 2019

Yoshi on Switch Delayed to 2019 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 June 2018 / 3,537 Views

Nintendo has confirmed with Game Informer delayed the upcoming Nintendo Switch Yoshi game from 2018 to 2019. 

Yoshi for Switch was first announced at E3 2017.

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CaptainExplosion (on 13 June 2018)

Aww. :( Oh well, as long as they use the extra time to fix any major issues. :)

Ganoncrotch (on 13 June 2018)

was thinking the same, also I've heard that some of the team was roped in to make sure that Smash is definitely ready for release before Christmas this year so the end result should be 2 perfectly ready for release games rather than skimping on 2 projects and ending up with 2 launches in need of patches to complete the games later on down the line.

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Miyamotoo (on 14 June 2018)

You do realise that game could be delayed even if its finished!?

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Jumpin (on 17 June 2018)

I am guessing the reason is that they reassessed the game and felt they could expand on the concept. If it were simple bug fixes or late content implementation they would have showed it at E3. What they had already looks like loads of fun - I wonder if they're planning on adding story elements and such? While some disliked Super Paper Mario, I actually liked it more than the New Super Mario Bros games and other Paper Mario's, and Yoshi looks to take in a few of those platforming elements and expand upon them as is, adding further similar features and expanding doesn't seem like a stretch.

Tridrakious (on 14 June 2018)

First official delay of a first party title on Switch. They had an incredible streak going.

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 14 June 2018)

Fire Emblem was also delayed (If I remember correctly it was one of the only games were their "future games" reports would say 2018 definitively and not "2018 +")

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UltimateGamer1982 (on 14 June 2018)

This sucks. I was really looking forward to this.

Salnax (on 17 June 2018)

Woolly World also took forever. Got announced in January 2013, finally given an early 2015 release date 17 months later, and even then it became a Summer release in Japan and Europe and an Autumn release in America. I think Good-Feel also handled the 3DS port, and even assuming the game comes out in the middle of next year, that is a four year development period. That's still a shorter gap than the one between Epic Yarn and Woolly World. So this is unfortunate, but perhaps foreseeable.

Marth (on 15 June 2018)

Wonder if they changed a lot or expanded on a concept or parts of the team just got put onto a priority project.

HintHRO (on 14 June 2018)

''At this year's E3 we will focus on games releasing in 2018'' Shows Fire Emblem, a game delayed to 2019 Doesn't show Yoshi, a game delayed to 2019 Makes perfect sense

Luke888 (on 14 June 2018)

Since Fire Emblem was slated for Spring it's likely the two titles recieved different kinds of delays, Fire Emblem was probably supposed to release this fall and if it comes out in March/April the delay will be about 6 months, Yoshi on the other hand might have met some development issues, causing the delay to be much longer, if FE has 10 more months of development to go trough and Yoshi has 16, it makes sense to show off FE instead of Yoshi

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VAMatt (on 14 June 2018)

I'm glad to see that Nintendo hasn't lost their ability to miss release dates. (sarcasm, of course)

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AlfredoTurkey (on 13 June 2018)

When you can't get a simple 2D game with graphics that are no better than something released on Wii U, you know you have major problems on your hand.

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mushroomboy5 (on 14 June 2018)

To be fair yoshi's wooly world (the game this is a follow up to) had mighty fine graphics and was a well designed game and was a Wii U game.

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Hynad (on 14 June 2018)

I wish this didn't need to be explained, on a videogame site of all places, but the visual aspects of a game isn't the only thing that requires time and work.

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PortisheadBiscuit (on 14 June 2018)

Do you ever tire of being so negative all the time?

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