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Two Point Hospital Announced, Launches Fall 2018

Two Point Hospital Announced, Launches Fall 2018 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 16 January 2018 / 2,348 Views

Sega has announced Two Point Hospital for Windows PC via Steam. It will launch in fall 2018.

View the announcement trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:

Design Your Hospital 
Build and customise your hospital - it is yours after all - with specialist diagnosis and treatment facilities, as well as the very latest in ornamental technology! 

Cure Your Patients
Feeling light-headed? Just wait until you see the other unusual illnesses afflicting the people of Two Point County. Care for, and profit from, the ill: that seems like it’s probably a win-win. They’ll need feeding, entertaining and curing if they’re going to recommend you to all their equally unwell friends! That cash isn’t going to make itself, now.

Manage Your Staff
Hire your staff, juggle their demands and cater to their personalities. Train a crack team that can handle every sickly challenge that’s thrown at it, and fire anyone that can’t.

Expand Your Organisation
Grow the sickness business across the beautiful Two Point County. Research illnesses and develop new inventions to compete with rival healthcare companies.

Collaborate and Compete with Friends
Once you’ve conquered the world with your medical empire, contribute to Two Point County’s global medical community with collaborative research projects, or demonstrate your medical prowess in competitive multiplayer challenges. 

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Walbert (on 16 January 2018)

An updated Theme Hospital like game, hell yes.

Chazore (on 16 January 2018)

This is gonna take up my fall/winter time for sure.

S.Peelman (on 16 January 2018)

They have my attention. Theme Hospital is one of my all-time favorite games. I hope this turns out great!

Deeeeznuuuts (on 16 January 2018)

Hope this comes to playstation

Chazore (on 16 January 2018)

Just PS?. The last one that touched PS was way back in the 90's. Most of Sega's games for PS and PC have remained exclusive for the most part.

  • 0
AntonTeiosanu (on 16 January 2018)

I am so excited OMG......!!!