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Star Trek: Bridge Crew Now Playable Without VR on PS4, PC

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Now Playable Without VR on PS4, PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 December 2017 / 2,373 Views

Ubisoft has released a new patch for Star Trek: Bridge Crew that makes the game playable on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC without a VR headset.

Here is an overview:

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is now available for non-VR players on PlayStation 4 and PC with a new free update! Join matches with both VR and non-VR players seamlessly across all platforms. This update also includes enhanced Windows Mixed Reality support.

Available now, Star Trek: Bridge Crew transports fans into the Star Trek universe where they assume the role of a Starfleet officer and complete missions that will determine the fate of their ship and crew.

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shikamaru317 (on 22 December 2017)

Nice, might just buy it now.

habam (on 22 December 2017)

get a cheap vr headset if you want to play vr, the full game was build around the idea to be with other people on the bridge of the enterprise. Without that feeling, the game just isnt good imo. Its like playing singstar without a microphone

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Nem (on 22 December 2017)

When VR games go non-VR, what does that mean? I know there's some hardcore defenders, but the "reality" checks are here.

habam (on 23 December 2017)

It mean the same as when non vr games go vr (payday 2, fallout 4, skyrim, dirt rally, elite dangerous, driveclub, wipeout omega collection,..). Do some "reality" check, flat gaming is fading out.

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Madword (on 23 December 2017)

Just means they are maximising the profit on the game, which could mean more VR based titles in the future. Sound like a good idea to me. also means more in a MP based title.

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Errorist76 (on 23 December 2017)

It means they're extending the player base, not what you'd like to believe.

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Nem (on 27 December 2017)

Not at all. It's exactly what you said Errorist. Maybe not what you were thinking though.

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