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Most Anticipated Game of 2018

Most Anticipated Game of 2018 - Article

by Craig Snow , posted on 09 January 2018 / 6,135 Views

With 2017 now in the bag all eyes invariably turn to the future. Enter the penultimate award for our annual Game of the Year festivities - the Most Anticipated Game of the coming year. Before we get into the titles that made this year's shortlist we feel it important to highlight that a number of hotly anticipated titles were deemed ineligible for voting for this particular award - the purpose is to identify the site's most anticipated game of each coming year, and therefore we have excluded titles that do not have solid 2018 release windows. As a result, games like Death Stranding, Metroid Prime 4, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, Cyberpunk 2077, and Shin Megami Tensei V were not up for the award this year, but may well be next year.

That still left everyone with a whole raft of games to choose from, and they range from a reboot to one of Sony's biggest franchises (God of War), a remake of one of that same company's most beloved titles (Shadow of the Colossus), the latest mega-sequel from Rockstar (Red Dead Redemption 2), a brand new IP for Nintendo's hottest new console (Project Octopath Traveler), and the third instalment in a cult favourite shooter hybrid series (Metro: Exodus).


The Shortlist:

God of War


Shadow of the Colossus

Red Dead Redemption 2



Project Octopath Traveler 


Metro: Exodus


The Winner:

God of War

A reboot entry in Sony's highly successful premiere first party God of War franchise, and the debut entry on this current generation of hardware, God of War for PS4 has been known about for several years now, but it was only last year that we got our first look at the title's new gameplay and narrative direction; details that have been further fleshed out over the course of 2017. These changes have clearly gone down well with fans and with the release now within touching distance it resoundingly topped this site's poll for Most Anticipated Game of 2018.

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ironmanDX (on 09 January 2018)

I haven't seen too much hype for gow tbh, I'm sure it will build closer to release. I would have thought rdr2 would have won considerably easily. Seems talked about quite frequently.

ZS (on 10 January 2018)

I've seen a lot of hype for GoW, more than the first three, but yeah RDR2 should have won, it's been my most hyped game ever since they announced it was real.

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NawaiNey (on 10 January 2018)

No Hype? God of War's debut trailer was the 2nd most watched video of E3 2016, behind Spiderman. Both outdid even Legend of Zelda BOTW. This God of War is easily going to be the best selling game in the franchise, 10 million copies sold minimum.

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JustThatGamer (on 10 January 2018)

@NawaiNey back in 2016 God of War's debut was the most viewed trailer, also look at the amount of likes, that's how you can tell it's not ad inflated cause at 18.7m views it has 341k likes where the Spider-Man trailer from 2017 at 25m views only has 216k likes. GoW has plenty of hype!

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CGI-Quality (on 09 January 2018)

I get the excitement for God of War! I certainly have it! But Metro: Exodus has my top vote out of those choices.

Azzanation (on 10 January 2018)

Metro is going to look amazing on top hardware.

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Knitemare (on 10 January 2018)

GoW is a must buy for me, but its like a given(its like a yay!)... I am more excited for Metro too!(this is more like a FCUK YEAH!) Have you read the books? Damn, I love that universe...

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shikamaru317 (on 09 January 2018)

For me it's RDR2 at #1 and Kingdom Hearts 3 at #2.

Cloudman (on 09 January 2018)

Personally, my most anticipated game is Fire Emblem Switch. Really hoping we see a good amount of that this year. Releasing as well would be awesome!! :D

JON0 (on 09 January 2018)

Personally, i'd say Metro: Exodus. Loved playing 2033 and Last Light

ironmanDX (on 09 January 2018)

I bought 2033 and last light but have yet to play them. Exodus does look very impressive though. Amazing visually.

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Chazore (on 09 January 2018)

Wolcen all the way for me. Surprised it's off every sites radar. (I guess it being an ARPG would explain a lot, and it being on PC).

DialgaMarine (on 09 January 2018)

Agreed. The new God of War looks amazing

JustThatGamer (on 09 January 2018)

Agreed, God of War has me more excited than any videogame has before.

Rob5VGC (on 09 January 2018)

Lack of Kingdom Hearts 3 (my #1 anticipated game of the decade) is lack of.

ironmanDX (on 09 January 2018)

When you see footage of a game and potential release year after year you begin to worry and lose hope it'll ever release. Could be this generations tlg at this rate

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Azuren (on 09 January 2018)

Monster Hunter World for me, thank you.

Ucouldntbemorewrong (on 10 January 2018)

As much as I am looking forward to SotC, it should not be on the list and perhaps replaced with Spiderman. GOW seems to be right choice. Not even sure what Octopath even is lol, and I feel I'm pretty in-tune to what is coming out.

COKTOE (on 10 January 2018)

Waitwaitwait. I was going to ask here if God Of war 4 is a reboot but asked google instead. Most info I find indicates that it will take place after God of War 3, and may circle back to those events as well.

Ucouldntbemorewrong (on 10 January 2018)

No longer greek mythology either it's now Norse.

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COKTOE (on 10 January 2018)

Yep, I'm aware of that. Just pointing out that it appears to be a sequel as opposed to a reboot.

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Ka-pi96 (on 10 January 2018)

Surprised Red Dead didn't win. That will surely be the biggest selling of these at least.

chakkra (on 09 January 2018)

My vote would Spiderman #1 and RDR2 at #2.

KLAMarine (on 09 January 2018)

Kratos's chaos blades are gone :(

DialgaMarine (on 09 January 2018)

Yeah, but that Axe + Shield is pretty damn cool, plus we don't what other weapons Kratos will have.

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KLAMarine (on 10 January 2018)

An axe and shield... Never seen those before in a video game.

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Errorist76 (on 10 January 2018)

How many boomerang axes have you seen?!

  • 0
KLAMarine (on 10 January 2018)

A boomerang axe is still an axe... The chaos blades defined Kratos.

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Errorist76 (on 09 January 2018)

This is a very subjective category. To me it's RDR2. GoW and Octopath Traveler on 2 and 3.

Bandorr (on 09 January 2018)

Interesting. Not sure if I missed that question, or my answer was so vague it wasn't even on the short list. I probably chose DB:F:Z.

ROCKY223 (on 10 January 2018)

Im scepticle about god of war.It looks incredible graphically, but the gameplay is way too different from all the other god of war games.This game looks like a mix of the last of us and dark souls which i m not sure about since i don't like both of those games.Yet, i know for a fact it wont hold me back from buying this game, i just hope its good

adisababa (on 10 January 2018)

Didn't see Anthem anywhere... welp

Errorist76 (on 10 January 2018)

It's made by EA and Bioware and we all know what thoshave become.

  • +4
Ucouldntbemorewrong (on 10 January 2018)

Pretty sure that's not coming out in 2018

  • +1