The Last of Us Part II Writer: 'No One is Safe'

The Last of Us Part II Writer: 'No One is Safe' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 December 2017 / 1,945 Views

The Last of Us Part II writer and director at PlayStation Experience 2017 over the weekend said that nobody is safe in the game. 

"Everybody dies at some point," he said. 

"There are stakes--there are real stakes," he added. "With The Last of Us, no one is safe. We want people to go into The Last of Us Part II, especially with this theme [of hate] and what we're trying to say with this game, is knowing that no one is safe--not even these two [Joel and Ellie]."

The game tells a story about "pursuing justice; the positive and the negative and the really messy grey area that can occupy that."

Naughty Dog is currently 50 to 60 percent done with the game. 

Thanks GameSpot.

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Aeolus451 (on 11 December 2017)

I hope they don't kill of Joel or Ellie.

Errorist76 (on 11 December 2017)

I believe Joe will die...Druckman said, „it depends what time we're talking about“ or something like that, at the panel.

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Ruler (on 11 December 2017)

Wasnt this the same what people said about U4?

OTBWY (on 11 December 2017)

Bullshit, we all know Ellie will be safe. Joel not so much. Old, white and male. jk.

Errorist76 (on 11 December 2017)

I'm assuming it's Anna or Joel‘s brother...or both. Joel is still a possibility, after what Druckman said at the panel, although he needed to dodge some tough questions. His comment could mean anything.

RaptorChrist (on 11 December 2017)

Maybe Joel or Ellie's death is part of the game, and could be prevented. Although I doubt either will die, except maybe at the very end.

KLXVER (on 11 December 2017)

Well except Ellie. Not killing her in this day and age.

StokedUp (on 11 December 2017)

Oh man, only 50-60% done! I was hoping closer to 80-90% I wonder if it will get a 2018 release

Errorist76 (on 11 December 2017)

It was always a 2019 release. 2018 seems unrealistic and the year is packed already, especially with a Days Gone release late next year.

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Azzanation (on 11 December 2017)

Spoiler alert - Someone dies.

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 11 December 2017)

This kind of stuff seems to be a trend in popular media. It almost feels like a marketing tactic at this point, "Oh look how cool it is that no one's safe, we're really playing with your expectations haha!" I think it would have been better had they never said this, because now any twist where a big character dies that seemed untouchable will be relatively mundane and obvious

Valdney (on 10 December 2017)

Meh! The good old days when video games were meant to entertain are over, now games are “pursuing justice”.

StreaK (on 11 December 2017)

A story driven, single player game that has sold over 15 million copies cannot possibly be overrated. One of the most awarded games of all-time cannot possibly be overrated. It's just overrated to you. :)

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ROCKY223 (on 11 December 2017)

I cant care less about the story. I want good freakin gameplay which the last of us doesn't have, you cant argue with that even if you want to

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StreaK (on 11 December 2017)

But that's weird man...I am more immersed in the gameplay of an Uncharted or Last of Us than a Mario or Zelda.

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Burning Typhoon (on 11 December 2017)

If the gameplay was really so bad, how would any of us know how the game ends?

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