The Idolmaster: Stella Stage Gets Shika Character Introduction Trailer

The Idolmaster: Stella Stage Gets Shika Character Introduction Trailer - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 November 2017 / 877 Views

Bandai Namco has released a new character introduction trailer for The Idolmaster: Stella Stage that introduces Shika.

View it below:


Read the latest details below:

■ All of the Songs from The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars are Included

All of the songs that were initially included in The Idolmaster: Platinum Stars will be included in The Idolmaster: Stella Stage.

Through songs, you can earn concert rewards and coaching rewards. Collect various songs to further enjoy The Idolmaster: Stella Stage.

■ Communicating with Idols through Business

Idol Activities through Business and Lessons

By taking on business or lessons, you can trigger a “Boost” to better perform at concerts from the following week.

The Boost effect changes depending on the business or lesson. And the higher your level, the longer the duration of the Boost.

  • Regular Business – Increases the amount of money earned during a concert.
  • Capital Business – Increases the number of fans acquired during a concert. Money is required.
  • Lesson – Increases a specific score during a concert. Which score increases differs per lesson. Money is required.

Through regular business, you can draw out the charm of the idols by communicating with them. And since idols play an active role in capital business, the producer himself negotiates with the clients.

The idols themselves seem to have opinions regarding work. Take a good look at their facial expressions and try to understand their opinions. At times negotiations with clients are also important. Aim for perfection!

You can check to see your in-effect Boost by looking at the “Skills Summary” screen.

When a Boost is in effect, and you trigger the same Boost, the effect of the old Boost will disappear, so be cautious.

■ Aim for the Six Big Titles

The number one goal is the Stella Stage, but on the way you will aim to conquer the six big titles famous in the idol world.

There are specific concerts that you can only challenge at specific times throughout the year. The six big titles are also among them. Strategically consider your business, lesson Boosts, and when you give the idols a day off to take on these challenges in the perfect conditions.

Acquire Massive CP Through “Hell Intensive Training”

Acquire a large quantity of CP (Coaching Points).

“Hell Intensive Training” is revived in the rhythm of “Kouhaku Ouen V (Victory),” the new song that debuted at Producer Meeting 2017. This can only be done at specific times throughout the year.

■ Lawson Campaign

Lawson is running a campaign from December 5 at to December 18 at 7:00 JST where consumers who purchase any two participating drinks will receive one of three square bromides including a product code to download the “Ageage Headband” accessory for use in the game.

The Idolmaster: Stella Stage will launch for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 21.

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