New Monster Hunter: World Info Details Botanical Research Center and More

New Monster Hunter: World Info Details Botanical Research Center and More - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 November 2017 / 1,595 Views

Capcom has released new information of Monster Hunter: World that details the botanical research center, melding pot, your house, and training area.


Read the details below:

■ Botanical Research Center

At the Botanical Research Center, you can request to increase an item through cultivation. By using things such as fertilizer, you can reap an even greater harvest.

Cultivate Items to Increase Their Numbers

By requesting the harvest of plant, insect, and mushroom-class items, you can obtain a large quantity of a specific item.

—By spending Research Points to use fertilizer, you can increase the amount harvested per cultivation. Also, as you level up your base, the variety of items you can cultivate and the fertilizers you can use will increase.

—Harvesting is done once per the required time set for each item, and the harvest will automatically continue to increase until you come to retrieve it or until the Harvest Box is full.

  • In order to cultivate an item, you must leave it at the Botanical Research Center.
  • One quest = one bar on the scale of required time to cultivate an item.
  • When the Harvest Box is full, the amount of harvest can no longer increase.

■ Melding Pot

A facility where you can convert ingredients into Melding Points, as well as create consumable items with strong effects, crossbow bolts, and more.

You Can Do a Lot with Ingredients

By turning in the Research Points you obtain from quests and expeditions with the ingredients (items) you have obtained, you can meld other items with the Melding Points you obtain. The Melding Points you obtain depends on the item, but since most items can be used as ingredients, there is a high level of freedom.

Increase Your Facility Grade to Create Accessories

Accessories can be placed into slots on specific weapons and equipment to equipment skills or enhance an identical skill effect. You can obtain accessories as reward for clearing specific quests. If there is a particular accessory you want, you can use Research Points to meld it if you prepare the necessary Melding Points with an accessory that will act as your ingredient.

■ My House

Prepare for the Next Hunt and Enjoy Room Service

Your house acts as your base where you can access your item box, manage your felyne companions, and make use of room service. As you progress through the game you become able to move to different grades of “My Houses.”

Room service includes:

  • Transportation to the Training Area
  • Placing the small creatures you captured
  • Moving itno a different My House
  • And so on

As the game progresses, you will be able to use more features.

You can play with small creatures in your house!

There are a variety of small creatures in the New World. You can let the ones you captured out in your house. The quantity and type of small creatures you can have differs based on the grade of your house.

Training Area

You can access the Training Area via room service in your house. You can test out your weapons’ actions and so such as much as you’d like!

—Try out all 14 weapon types and their abilities!

You can try out your weapons’ actions on a variety of objects (pillars, barrels, etc.) in the Training Areas. You can try out another weapon by equipping it from the item box located within the Training Area.

  • You can fire all the ammunition and bottles you currently have equipped. Consumable items, ammunition, and so on will not be consumed so you feel free to use them to your heart’s content. Commands and combos are also displayed, making for the optimal training environment.
  • Places to sling from are also placed all around, allowing you to practice with the Slinger as well.

Monster Hunter: World will launch worldwide for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018. A Windows PC version will release at a later date.

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