Nintendo Sued Over Switch's Detachable Controllers

Nintendo Sued Over Switch's Detachable Controllers - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 11 August 2017 / 7,209 Views

Nintendo is facing a lawsuit over the detachable controllers of the Nintendo Switch, according to Engadget.

Gamevice is suing the gaming company for allegedly violating a patent of concepts it used in the Android tablet, the Wikipad, as well as add-on controllers for phones and tables. The company  claims the detachable Joy-Con controllers are too similar to the removable controllers it designed. 


Gamevice is suing for damages and a ban on Nintendo Switch salese. 

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thetonestarr (on 11 August 2017)

The Wikipad's detachable controller concept shares pretty much JUST those three words with the Switch. Unlike the Switch, Wikipad's controller is one enormous piece that attaches to the tablet, and it's a wired connection. Additionally, there is zero detached functionality. There's no possible way this lawsuit will go anywhere. They know it won't result in an in-court victory, I'm sure, so they're probably hoping that Nintendo will settle out of court. But honestly, I don't even think they have any hopes of that either.

Darwinianevolution (on 11 August 2017)

"Suing for damages and a ban on Nintendo Switch sales" Oh my, is Gamevice going to be dissapointed with the result. Have patent trolls not learnt a thing after all the Wii/DS lawsuits?

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JOKA_ (on 12 August 2017)

This isn't _really_ a patent troll. Patent trolls hold patents but don't produce anything with them, just use them to sue other companies. Atleast Gamevice makes something.

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CleggaZ (on 11 August 2017)

"and a ban on Nintendo Switch sales" Arseholes.

Mystro-Sama (on 11 August 2017)

This happens every generation...

Ggordon (on 11 August 2017)

Im pretty sure they are desperate for money so trying to sue nintendo for something they dont own

AName81 (on 12 August 2017)

The fact that Nintendo invented everything thats on that Wikipad (Analog Stick, Shoulder Buttons, D-Pad, abxy) is even more funny haha rip gamevice

BlkPaladin (on 11 August 2017)

This could go really horribly for this company. Nintendo like to counter sue and take all the contested patents from a suing company when they win and that would sink this company because it actually had a product instead of just patents

Green098 (on 11 August 2017)

This won't last long. If past lawsuits like this against Nintendo are anything to go by, they show record in high favour for Nintendo. Such as the 3DS patent lawsuit Nintendo won which held a lot more merit than this, in comparison it'll be no sweat getting past this one.

greenmedic88 (on 13 August 2017)

"We want to settle for a percentage of your success!"

Errorist76 (on 11 August 2017)

Murica..the land of endless possibilities.

chakkra (on 11 August 2017)

When I saw the title I thought they were talking about the Morpheus X300. I am interested to see which one filed the patent first, since it is pretty much the same concept.

Qwark (on 13 August 2017)

Didn't Nintendo made the NES before gamevise even existed? You can buy patents that go backward's but that would be one one tough lawsuit.

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Salnax (on 11 August 2017)

Hey, what about the NES? That was also a console where you attached controllers onto it to play! I expect retribution!

Qwark (on 12 August 2017)

I don't believe there is an easy way saying this but Nintendo made the NES

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Ganoncrotch (on 12 August 2017)

I think he is saying that Gamevice should sue for NES sales!

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