Sony Ships 3.5M PS4 Consoles in Q1, PlayStation Division Profits Jump 126% - VGChartz
Sony Ships 3.5M PS4 Consoles in Q1, PlayStation Division Profits Jump 126%

Sony Ships 3.5M PS4 Consoles in Q1, PlayStation Division Profits Jump 126% - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 29 July 2016 / 6,324 Views

Sony released its financial results for the first quarter of the 2016 fiscal year, ending June 30. Revenue for the quarter decreased 10.8 percent to ¥1.8 trillion ($17.6 billion), while operating income decreased 42 percent to ¥56.2 billion ($549.4 million).

The Game and Network Services division saw revenue increase 14.5 percent to ¥330.4 billion ($3.2 billion). Operating income jumped 126 percent to ¥44 billion ($430.1 million)

Sony shipped 3.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles during the quarter and still expects to ship 20 million for the full fiscal year. Software sales through the PlayStation Network saw a "significant increase." PlayStation 3 hardware and software sales continue to decline.

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Azuren (on 29 July 2016)


Kerotan (on 29 July 2016)

Playstation is such a beast this gen!

Ganoncrotch (on 29 July 2016)

Really cool to see so much happening in digital sales this gen, means far more of the profits from gaming go back to the publishers/developers and platform creators rather than places like Gamestop, much happier to send my gaming bucks to the people who deserve it.

topolino227 (on 29 July 2016)

Yup, i only buy Games digital this Gen and i think that will never really change again, except for Collectors Edition (maybe) ! But what i would like that the Games Digital could be at least a little bit cheaper, sometimes its even more expensive Digital than Retail which is BS in my opinion !!!

  • 0
JustcallmeRiff (on 29 July 2016)

When an old man so I still love my physical copy Unfortunately they taking my physical copy the instruction manual away

  • +3
COKTOE (on 30 July 2016)

****** deadly. That's how you do it. But part of me wants to know how many complete rotations all the tires in Driveclub made in Q1. For some strange reason.

invetedlotus123 (on 31 July 2016)

The irony of destiny. Sony almost went bankruptcy with ps3 and now ps4 is the biggest product.