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More Games May be Added to Rare Replay as DLC

More Games May be Added to Rare Replay as DLC - News

by Jared Katz , posted on 30 July 2015 / 3,056 Views

During a Twitch livestream yesterday, Rare's lead engineer James Thomas hinted that games missing from Rare Replay could be added later as DLC:

"There is a wealth of titles that we could dip into; a huge heritage beyond the 30 that we chose. But that's what made choosing the 30 so hard in the first place. We had to put aside [our own personal] preferences. We hope we've done [that], but you never know, there could be space for more."

Some notable games that are missing from the collection but which aren’t owned by Nintendo nor are in legal hell include: Battletoads & Double Dragon, Monster Max, It’s Mister Pants, and Super Glove Ball.

Rare Replay will release on the Xbox One on August 4.

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Goodnightmoon (on 30 July 2015)

I want a Xbo just for this game

Ka-pi96 (on 30 July 2015)

The only missing one I care about is Goldeneye. Make it happen Rare!

Azzanation (on 30 July 2015)

Perfect Dark was every bit better then Golden Eye, the only thing Golden Eye had is the name.

  • +2
AnthonyW86 (on 30 July 2015)

Also Goldeneye already got a remake last generation.

  • 0
Ka-pi96 (on 30 July 2015)

I agree that Perfect Dark was better, but that's already in the collection :p

  • +2
Teflon02 (on 30 July 2015)

I'd love Mickey's Speedway USA if possible lol

Azzanation (on 30 July 2015)

Snake Rattle and Roll, Digger T Rock, BattleToads, Jet Force Gemini... Oh the amazing memories. Looking forward to playing these greats again.

Goddbless (on 30 July 2015)

I'm hoping for Battletoads & Double Dragon

Rustuv (on 30 July 2015)

This is obviously a great package but a couple things bother me about this. 1) it worries me that the most hyped game to come out of E3 for XBone. A retro collection title is more exciting than anything new on a system worries me about the market. 2) like 90% of the people who worked on these titles no longer work for Rare and it feels like this is just M$ A)cashing in on what they really bought from Nintendo Rares library and B) try to make us forget they've basically been weekend Bernie's us with Rares bloated corpse.

DFizzlio (on 30 July 2015)

The most hyped game to come out of E3? I would say Sea of Thieves, Recore, and Gears 4 are WAY more hyped than this.

  • 0
Goddbless (on 30 July 2015)

These are all your opinions. This was not the most hyped game. I would give that honor to Halo 5.

  • +1