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Atlus Likely Localizing The Legend of Legacy

Atlus Likely Localizing The Legend of Legacy - News

by Craig Snow , posted on 02 May 2015 / 2,905 Views

It looks as though Atlus PR Manager John Hardin has let the cat out of the bag regarding the localization of The Legend of Legacy for the 3DS.


In a Shin Megami Tensei Social Link podcast Harding accidentally states that that the company has announced the localization of The Legend of Legacy, when in fact no announcement has yet been made.

Harding also teases another localization for a 'really niche' Japanese game that is currently unreleased.

Source: [NeoGAF]

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Cheddarchet (on 02 May 2015)

If so, awesome! Thought this looked sweet from the initial trailers, and it sounded unlikely we'd ever get it out West thanks to the apparent difficult of working with Furyu. Fingers crossed!

Skullwaker (on 03 May 2015)

I hope it's true because at this point, RPGs are just flooding my 3DS library and I'm loving it.

Mr.Playstation (on 03 May 2015)

Sounds cool.

etking (on 03 May 2015)

Great news! New LovePlus + is my guess for the second title, cannot think of something more niche that may have enormous sales potential.

SmokedHostage (on 02 May 2015)

Looks like a DS game.

NoirSon (on 02 May 2015)

Yeah, that is part of the point, much like Bravely Default the developers were trying to have the game play and look similar to 16 and 32 bit JRPGs of the past. Although with a hardcore difficulty from from what I heard.

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Goodnightmoon (on 02 May 2015)

I think is fake. Is another game.