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Microsoft Purchased Minecraft Partly for HoloLens

Microsoft Purchased Minecraft Partly for HoloLens - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 May 2015 / 10,131 Views

Microsoft purchased Minecraft developer Mojang and all of the rights to the game last September for $2.5 billion. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that HoloLens was part of the reason for that purchase. Minecraft and other games will be able to help sell the device once it is released.

"Let’s have a game that, in fact, will fundamentally help us change new categories," said Nadella. "HoloLens was very much in the works then, and we knew it."

Microsoft showed off a tech demo of Minecraft using the HoloLens in January. While it was a work in progress, the user was able to create a virtual world on a table using Minecraft blocks. 

Thanks New York Times.


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KingdomHeartsFan (on 01 May 2015)

I don't see myself every wanting to play Minecraft with the Hololens over a TV and controller.

Mr Puggsly (on 01 May 2015)

Its a way to play Minecraft. It doesent have to be the way you play it.

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Jimbo1337 (on 02 May 2015)

It was clear that this was a reason for the purchase of Minecraft; however, I don't see this being the definitive reason to purchase a HoloLens since the XB1 is a cheaper alternative.

Mr Puggsly (on 01 May 2015)

I feel like we already knew this. MS didnt pay billions for an IP just to sell more Xbox units.

sales2099 (on 06 May 2015)

Actually it was for the retail cut. Minecraft plushies, Minecraft manuals, Minecraft figures......etc.

TheGreatGamerGod (on 02 May 2015)

I see Hololens as Microsoft's next Kinect, while it works completely differently it has that sort of crash and burn element to it. Just can't see it taking off to be honest, it'll likely do well at launch and die out soon after.

NuckinFutz2014 (on 02 May 2015)

Yes it sure didn't help them sell any XBOX One's so this is a better excuse...

sales2099 (on 06 May 2015)

Currently making money on Playstation gamers who are all too happy to give MS their money ;)

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486 (on 02 May 2015)

boring way to do. The most interesting part of minecraft was the survival and the night time when all those monsters came. If i wanted to build my livingroom full of blocks i could buy some legos. Would be much more fun too.