AMD:  'Enormous Potential of VR Has Created Immense Excitement'

AMD: 'Enormous Potential of VR Has Created Immense Excitement' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 April 2015 / 3,223 Views

Virtual reality is the latest buzz around the gaming industry. There have, of course, been VR devices in the past, but they all failed to gain traction. Will the latest group of VR devices change this? We'll have to wait and see.

AMD head of software technology marketing Sasa Marinkovic certainly seems to think so. 

Marinkovic has stated that now is the time for VR to take off:

"The enormous potential of VR has created immense excitement in the computer industry," said Marinkovic. "Our current VR initiative focuses on the ‘Three Cs’ of ensuring an enjoyable VR experience: content, comfort and compatibility."

"Mainstream users will fully embrace VR," he added. "VR is not niche; it is going to be the most compelling and engaging computing platform ever. The biggest obstacle is to make sure that the first user experience someone has in VR world is a positive and comfortable one. We as an industry cannot rush in – we need to fix these problems before the headsets are released for consumers to purchase."

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Superquagsire (on 10 April 2015)

This is the opposite of what Phil Spencer said about VR.

Netyaroze (on 10 April 2015)

Phil Spencer didnt say the opposite. He said VR is not ready for prime time yet. The opposite would be that nobody gives a shit and the technology will never succeed.

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