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Worst 7 Games of 2012 (so far)

Worst 7 Games of 2012 (so far) - Article

by Craig Snow , posted on 05 July 2012 / 119,704 Views

A week or so ago we presented our picks for the best games of the year so far (click here if you missed it). Now it's time to name and shame the worst games of the year so far. In what is very much a case of the triumph of hope over experience, we have our fingers crossed that the list remains relatively unchanged come the end of the year.

Score: 2.5

Amy has the ingredients for a very unique and entertaining horror game.  It centres on protecting someone other than yourself, it has great atmosphere, and trying to face most enemies head-on will quickly lead to disaster.  With Resident Evil turning into more of an action-horror game, and with little classic survival-horror in today’s gaming landscape, Amy could have been a welcome breath of fresh air.  As it is, with all of the bugs and repugnant game design, I can’t recommend it to even the most die-hard fan of the genre, and the game is destined for nothing greater than to rot in the digital void from whence it came.

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Men in Black: Alien Crisis
Score: 2.9

I hated almost everything about Men in Black: Alien Crisis. I hated that I had to play it. I hated that I had to write a review about it. I even hated that I had to delete a game I somewhat enjoy from my PS3 hard drive in order to make room for its install data. At certain points I wanted to die while playing. Not in the game mind you, but in real life.

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Score: 3.5

Do not buy this game. Do not rent this game. Do not look at this game. Do not associate with people who own this game. It is everything wrong with the action genre of games with a chocolate coating of pretty visuals. Let it fall into the bargain bin and fester there until end times.

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Wheels of Destruction
Score: 3.8

Gelid Games made the bold move of comparing it to the genre's top dog, Twisted Metal, and hyped up its class system in a way that made me excited to play. Sadly, the game itself didn't even come close to reaching the bar that was set so high for it, both by its developer and by Sony, who made it a key game in their Spring Fever promotion. Wheels of Destruction proves that you get what you pay for. Those looking for car combat fun should stick with Twisted Metal.

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Score: 3.9

Bloodforge is built on a solid foundation but still manages to fumble. If it weren't for the atrociously schizophrenic camera and the depressingly muddled darkness that plagues the game's entirety - making it borderline painful to play - Bloodforge could have been a reasonably fun game that was worth the 1200 MS Point asking price. As it is, it's just a mess. 

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Ninja Gaiden 3
Score: 4.0

Ninja Gaiden 3 would have been a bad game by 2004 standards. By today’s standards, it’s downright embarrassing. It’s almost baffling how many steps back this game has taken from the Itagaki-directed prequels, and just goes to show how important a strong, guiding vision is for game development. Ninja Gaiden 3 holds a few interesting ideas hidden within, but the sacrifice of a coherent storyline and well-designed gameplay is far from a worthy trade-off.

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Ridge Racer
Score: 4.0

As a fan of Ridge Racer, I’m appalled by what Bandai Namco have done to one of my favorite racing series. The game is an affront to every gamer’s good sense as a consumer. Not only does it fail to put the Vita’s many unique features to good use, but it also costs $30 at retail ($25 from the PlayStation Store) while offering little more content than a demo. Maybe I’m wrong and Ridge Racer for the PlayStation Vita is just a game that is ahead of its time. Perhaps in the future games will purely revolve around online communities and content that is assembled in pieces while fully-fledged singleplayer content becomes a relic of a forgotten past. If that's the case, then I want no part of that future.

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