Ouya Dev Consoles Ship December 28th

Ouya Dev Consoles Ship December 28th - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 02 December 2012 / 2,797 Views

The Ouya, a new Android powered game console for the living room, was a huge success on Kickstarter, even before players and potential developers could get their hands on the mini console. That's going to change by the start of the new year, as the Ouya team is set to ship out their Ouya dev consoles to developers on December 28th, as promised.

Ouya Veya!

The developers who receive the first dev kits will be working with the Ouya team to correct any flaws and offer suggestions for improvement. A few lucky developers can also win an Ouya dev kit through The Ouya Dev Console Giveaway. The final models being sent to all Kickstarter supporters will also be dev kits and they will ship at a later date.

Source: [Ouya]

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