Resident Evil 6's New Multiplayer Modes Detailed

Resident Evil 6's New Multiplayer Modes Detailed - News

by Jake Weston, posted on 05 December 2012 / 1,365 Views

Prior to Resident Evil 6's release back in October, Capcom announced that it would be releasing new multiplayer modes as DLC. Today, Capcom revealed that the three new multiplayer modes, "Predator", "Survivors", and "Onslaught", will be available exclusively for Xbox 360 for 720 Microsoft points (or 320 for each mode individually, if that's your thing) this December 18th. 

Predator mode allows players to play as the Ustanak (the Nemeis-like antagonist that plagues Jake and Shelly in the single-player campaign) where up to five other players must take him down. Survivors let's players respawn as enemy characters, who can then attack human players to gain back their human form, and Onslaught has two players face-off against hordes of enemies, but with each enemy killed sends more enemies to the other player, in what effectively results as horde-mode meets Tetris Attack. 

Furthermore, the free update that adds a co-op feature for Ada's campaign, as more flexibility to adjust the game's camera, will also be available for all platforms Dec. 17th. 

[Source: Capcom via Game Informer]

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