Ron Gilbert Wants to Get Monkey Island Rights Back from Disney

Ron Gilbert Wants to Get Monkey Island Rights Back from Disney - News

by Jake Weston, posted on 12 December 2012 / 1,477 Views

Ron Gilbert, the creator of the Monkey Island franchise, wants to make more games in the series. To do that, however, he'll need to go through Disney, who now own the rights to the franchise as well as all of the other old LucasArts adventure game properties. 

"I would love to contact them at some point," Gilbert said to Eurogamer while discussing The Cave, his latest project at Double Fine Studios. "I haven't done anything yet but I definitely want to. . . I would love to get the rights back to Monkey Island and be able to really make the game I want to make."

Disney of course acquired the rights to Monkey Island when it purchased Lucasfilm earlier this year, which also got them the rights to the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.

Over the years, many have noted the similarities between Monkey Island and Disney's own Pirates of the Caribbean film (at one point, Pirates writer Ted Elliott was contracted to write a Monkey Island animated film for Lucasfilm). 

"Pirates of the Caribbean is a rip-off of Monkey Island which is a rip-off of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride [at Disneyland theme parks]," Gilbert said in regards to the similarities. "So it's hard for me to get too mad at Disney when I ripped them off originally."

[Source: Eurogamer]

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